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Raving Fans

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Discover the experiences these operators have had with HealthyYOU Vending. Watch them share thoughtful reviews about the company, Healthy YOUniversity training, their vending equipment, the HealthyYOU staff and the entire business process!

Michelle D. – Friendswood, Texas

In doing my comparisons against other healthy vending companies, I discovered that HealthyYOU offered the best opportunity for me to have beautiful, high-quality vending machines and the opportunity to make the most profits while providing me support all along the way. Other vending companies either want you to pay a franchise fee back to them, or they require you to continually purchase other products from them, but not with HealthyYOU Vending. You buy the vending machines from them and that’s it! Of course, they hope that down the road, as your business grows, if you want to buy more machines, that you will buy from them.

Michelle D. Friendswood, Texas November 14, 2013

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