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Discover the experiences these operators have had with HealthyYOU Vending. Watch them share thoughtful reviews about the company, Healthy YOUniversity training, their vending equipment, the HealthyYOU staff and the entire business process!

Tracy A. – Greenville, South Carolina

From the first phone call it was evident to me that not only would this company listen to my questions and inquiries, but their support far surpassed their market competitors and the structured education I received along with the fair purchase price to becoming a distributor, was exceptional.

In the beginning I found myself waiting for the “catch”… but after working with this company for just a few days I realized they are a very honest and sound company who has built their business and reputation on principles of integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend HealthyYOU Vending to anyone looking for a sound business to invest in!”

Tracy A. Greenville, South Carolina November 14, 2013

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