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It’s Your Business


Typical franchises (and other healthy vending companies) are about THEIR business. As a franchisee, you help them to build THEIR brand. At HealthyYOU Vending, we help you build YOUR business and YOUR brand.

One thing that you won’t find on a Healthy YOU Vending machine is our name. We don’t use YOUR machine as a billboard for our business. Your name should be the only name that locations and customers see on your machine.

Your Vending Business

Our competitors put their name, and sometimes even their website address, on YOUR machine. Consider just two potential problems for you:

A business or organization sees your machine and is interested in having one in their location. Instead of calling you, they wind up calling the vending company you purchased from.

Result: A potential lost location for you.

Even worse—someone sees your machine, and is interested in starting their own healthy vending business. Again, instead of contacting you, they contact the vending company you purchased from.

Result: A new local competitor for you.

But we don’t just stop at protecting your brand, we give you options. You can choose one of these three popular graphics to represent your healthy vending machines.

Healthy You Vending Machine
Healthy You Vending Machine
Healthy You Vending Machine

And if that isn’t enough, you can create your own graphics. That’s right, have your own graphics designed and we we will print and install them onto YOUR machines.
(There is an additional fee for custom graphics.)

You can customize the inside of YOUR machine as well (ask us how)

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