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HealthyYOU Vending News January 20, 2014
Health and Wellness Program Ideas

Health and Wellness Program Ideas

Wellness programs are on the rise in 2014 as people become more and more concerned about living a healthy lifestyle. Are you doing everything you can to support the health and wellness goals of your employees?

Studies show that healthy employees are more productive and take less time off from work due to illness. This can affect productivity – and your bottom line. Businesses of all sizes can encourage employees to take baby steps to health success by implementing a few simple wellness practices, such as these:

Promote walking or stretching during regular breaks throughout the workday
• Offer onsite classes or discounts to local fitness and weight management programs
• Encourage a smoke-free workplace
• Offer blood pressure and cholesterol screenings
• Hold an employee benefits fair
• Encourage safe biking to work
• Offer healthy snacks, meals and drinks

A HealthyYOU vending machine is a great addition to any wellness program. Research shows that 50% of overall health is a result of lifestyle and behavior. Encourage your employees to make healthy modifications that result in overall wellness improvements by giving access in the workplace to healthy, natural and low-calorie snack, meal and drink options to fuel them through the busy workday.

HealthyYOU vending machines are locally owned and operated by expertly trained distributors who have a vested interest in your employees’ health and satisfaction.

Contact us to find out how you can bring a HealthyYOU vending machine into your workplace today—at no cost to you!