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What to Expect at Discovery Day

There is no one best opportunity for everyone but many franchise seekers are choosing HealthyYOU – especially in a down economy. Discovery Day is all about discovering if we are the right company for you.

Discovery Day is NOT a sales pitch. While the Business Development Manager you are working with may greet you and bring you up to our meeting room they are not involved in Discovery Day. You will not be signing agreements or making any payments that day.

Discovery Day IS for hearing from company founder and President, Jeff Marsh, Vice-President of Owner Support, Jill Navidomskis and other members of the support team. You’ll also hear from a top owner who has worked with us for the last eight years. It’s for learning more about our franchise-level support, our unparalleled Healthy YOUniversity training, how we help you get great locations for all of your machines and much more.

Discovery Day

From the information you receive and the interactions with our support team you will have a better feel for our commitment to your success.

View the Discovery Day Agenda

One of the most popular parts of Discovery Day is the closing Q & A lunch. Jeff and Jill field questions from attendees. These questions run the gambit from details on our support program to how another company compares to HealthyYOU. Often a question from one person sparks a question from another person. Good food and good information.

Not every person attends a Discovery Day but many people only consider companies that offer them. Those companies that can’t or won’t are removed from consideration.

Pablo and Michelle


“We were hesitant about dropping a large amount of money on a company we never heard of, (however) all of our insecurities and fears were gone the second we stepped into their facility. The Discovery Day they offer gave us piece of mind. Also the fact that we were encouraged to investigate the competition to find out by ourselves what the differences were gave us confidence that we were dealing with PROS in the matter.”

– Pablo and Michelle

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