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Healthy Vending
Company Comparison Chart

10 Factors to Consider When Investing In a Healthy Vending Company

The Critical Factors
Healthy YOU
Company A
Company B
Are there recent government actions against the company for unlawful business practices? learn more
Where are their machines manufactured? learn more
If the company has a backlog of machines and locations they owe how big that backlog is. The bigger the backlog the longer it will take to get locations for your machines. learn more
> 1,000
If a location decision maker sees a machine and wants one in their location they will call the company whose name is on the machine. Whose name is there? learn more
The percentage of gross sales paid in commission to the location. Competitor numbers are taken from their income projection spreadsheets. learn more
Does the company have a process involving products and software to help you maximize revenue? learn more
Does the company have optional side units that can be added location-by-location to increase revenue? learn more
Does the company have a dedicated coaching team that you can meet and work with? learn more
What type of machines does the company have? learn more
Unique Design
Standard Glass Front
Elevator Glass Front
Investment Cost (10 Machines) learn more

More Details

Recent Government Actions

Both Company A and Company B have received multiple Cease and Desist Orders and/or Consent Orders for violation of business opportunity or franchise law. Both companies continue to violate these orders and provide unlawful income projections/guarantees to prospective customers. These unlawful actions violate federal law and the laws on many states in addition to those states who have already taken action against them. Since these companies do not disclose these actions to prospective customers as required by law we can provide links to these actions. We believe these companies by their continued unlawful activities place in jeopardy their ability to continue to support their customers.

Where Machines Manufactured?

Getting a high quality machine made in the US is the most important factor in the success of a healthy vending business. While manufacturers in China do a great job on many complex products (like iPhones and TV’s) they have a very poor reputation in the manufacturing of vending machines. In fact, many vending technicians will not even work on Chinese-made machines due to the low quality and inconsistency of machines. A needed part may work on some of the machines but not on others – even of the same model number! With Chinese machines, getting tech support from the factory involves a middle of the night call due to the time difference and language barriers that turn what should be a simple phone call into a frustrating experience. In the last several years especially, there have been tremendous problems getting machines from China. Few people think the importing of machines from China is going to get better before it gets worse.

Our machine is made in Illinois. Company A makes their machine is Iowa. Company B has a machine they display on their web site made in Iowa but the machine they mainly supply is made in China. Potential purchasers are not informed of the origin of the second machine but the shipments from China can be found at:

Type in the legal name of the company (not the their brand name that they put on the machine). We can help you with this if needed.

Click on Shipments and you will see the regular shipments of machines from China.

Company B has a “substitution” clause in their contract that allows them to ship the machine from China if the US machine is “not available”.

A February 2023 Gallup poll shows only 15% of Americans view China favorably. This is the lowest favorability rating in almost 50 years. We believe you should be able to choose to start your business with machines made in America – or at least be told you will be getting machine made in China if that is the case.

Machine/Location Backlog

Six weeks after your investment with HealthyYOU you have attended training, your machines have been delivered to a white glove delivery facility in your area ready for quick delivery to the end locations and you have your first machine in a location making money. No other company comes close to this process. The key to this success is having machines built in the US and shipping them right away to your local area.

Delays in getting machines delivered from China has caused major issues for Company B. Their most recent publicly available financial records show they have collected $12M from purchasers that they owe locations and machines to. This equates to about 1,000 locations they must acquire and machines they must ship. Our advanced location process allows us to help you get machines into great locations faster. We have no location backlog.

Who Gets Machine Referrals

It’s your machine, and we believe your machine should promote you and your company. We don’t put our name on your machine. Company A and Company B put their name on the front and both sides of each machine. If someone sees a machine and is interested in one for their location they contact the company whose name is on the machine – you if it is our machine and often Company A or B directly if it is their machine.

Most of our business owners grow their business by getting location referrals from their machines. People seeing your machine can scan a QR code on the machine, go to a referral page on your website and request a conversation with you about having a machine in their facility. If a hospital administrator, while working out in a gym location sees your machine there, they could easily contact you via the QR code. Your gym location could easily turn into additional coverage for new machine expansion!

Commission Typically Paid to Locations

The standard in the vending industry is to offer the location 10%-20% of the gross sales of the machines. If you look at the income projection spreadsheets of Company A and B you will see that they do this. It makes it easier for locators to get locations but it is your money they are giving away. And it’s a lot of money – 15% of gross sales equates to 30% of your net. Because of our specialized methods, the vast majority of our machines are placed in locations with no commission. This factor alone creates a massive difference in the money to be made starting your business with our company.

Revenue Enhancement Program

Getting the biggest locations and getting locations without having to pay commission are two huge factors that have been discussed. But there are other revenue enhancers unique to HealthyYOU Vending as well.

Our eManage program allows timely assessment of sales inventory, pricing strategies, product acquisition and inventory and other useful business functions. This allows owners to truly optimize their investment as well as their time. We connect our business owners directly with United Natural Foods which has a large library of healthy product offerings – including products sold in Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Natural Grocers, Sprouts, and other health-food outlets. This gives owners the variety they need as they try different brands and flavors and work to make sure each machine is filled with what customers there will buy the most of. Our competitors point their operators to Costco and

Sam’s Club and they are forced to sell whatever those stores happen to be carrying with no opportunity to optimize.

SmartWarePro360 is our second proprietary software program. It facilitates additional vends by offering discounted vends for specific hours, offering free vends to create a buzz and creating combo deals of drinks and snacks or even a full meal with a discount when purchasing an entrée, drink and snack combination.

All aspects of the program we’ve developed around heathy-focused vending since 2007 all point to greater business success for our operators.

Optional Side Units

We are the only company to offer optional side units. SmartMarts allow you to sell not just drinks and snacks but entire meals. You can offer non-refrigerated soups, rice dishes, noodles dishes and more. If you choose to get the Wellness Center you are selling over-the-counter medications that keep employees in the office when they are not feeling well. Employers love these side units and in large locations you can even add both. These add-ons are often purchased later, once the particular needs of a location are determined. They offer an additional and lucrative revenue stream.

Some people like the idea of selling fresh food in their locations – things like salads, sandwiches and yogurt. Our FreshMart side unit allows you to sell a full selection of these products. But because of the short shelf life of perishable food (2-4 days) you will go from visiting your machines once/week to three times/week. If you are going to go that often you want to make it worth your while and sell a wide selection of these products. Company B suggests you sell a couple of fresh products in their machine but you offer enough to make it worth the extra trips to your machines. Company A does not offer a fresh option at all.

Dedicated Coaching Team

If you’re starting a business that you have no experience in, you need a business coach. Your HealthyYOU coach knows what will make you successful and what pitfalls to avoid. They can guide you through startup and beyond. We don’t have a cram session at the beginning of your business and then leave you without continual support. Your needs and your questions will change over the life of your business. We support business owners through every stage of their business, not just at the beginning.

Company A has no dedicated support employees but says that all seven employees (owners, sales and admin) all pitch in to help. Having no responsible help-center means assistance is diffused, and could be placed at a lower priority than business owners need.

Company B connects you with an existing operator to be your “peer coach”. While they may have great experience in the industry that experience is isolated to their business. Our coaches spend all day every day talking to owners around the country. They have heard every question – hundreds of times. Of course, our coaches also have their own healthy vending businesses so they have first-hand experience BUT you are not relying on just their own experience. Our coaches all work in the corporate office in Utah. This allows them to not only meet together weekly in person, but they can each drop in on each other any time.

Company B owners usually never meet their “coach” in person but our owners meet the entire coaching department at our healthy YOUniversity training.

Machine Type

Our competitors sell glass front machines which chill and dispense all products from a single holding area. We designed our machine to be different and better. Our machines chill just the drinks making it the most energy-efficient machine in the industry. And our machines are plug-and-play making it extremely easy to replace any parts over the life of your business. Vending technicians are never needed with our machine.

The CP machine sold by Company B is an elevator glass front machine. Instead of products going directly to the product door they are moved there by the elevator. The elevator moves the product to the bottom of the machine where it is delivered after another motor opens a door there. The machine also uses conveyor belts which are difficult for new machine owners to understand and maintain.

To be placed in a public setting, vending machines must meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Many larger locations will insist on your proving the machine is ADA compliant. This is easily done with a tape measure showing no operable parts are too high or too low to meet the requirement. The Chinese machine sold by Company B is not ADA compliant.

Investment Cost

Investments listed in the table are for 10 machines with the full program for each company, as if paid for with credit cards. Our investment carries a per-unit cost less than Company B, but slightly more than Company A. Due diligence assessments center in assessing value for cost paid. Are the reasons to pay more for Company B, or to get less equipment for the same money paid, compelling enough to say the value is worth the cost difference? The same could be said for choosing HealthyYOU Vending over Company A. Is it worth it to pay slightly more for HealthyYOU Vending than paid for Company A? And old adage says ‘Value measurement is determined not by what an investment costs, but by what an investment becomes.”

Note: We are happy to provide a detailed, head-to-head comparison with any other healthy vending company you are considering.