Healthy Vending Products

Healthy snack options for vending machines are on the rise. Of course, organic and natural food companies have offered wholesome product choices for years, but traditional companies, such as Frito-Lay and others, have now added healthy snacks to their vending machine-worthy lineup. Fruits, seeds, nuts and jerky have always offered on-the-go, convenient and balanced sustenance. But now there are new product choices waiting to whet consumers’ appetites.


Healthy cookies, crackers, nutritional bars and cereal and granola bars have exploded in popularity over the last several years. These healthy vending snack categories are deceptively delicious. Healthy choices in the chips and pretzels, candy bar and gum snack categories have expanded similarly. As vending consumers continue to choose healthy snacks over traditional, unhealthy snack products, manufacturers will continue to introduce new healthy snacks for the vending industry.

These are some of the most popular types of healthy snacks:

  • Jerky
  • Raisins
  • Trail Mix
  • Applesauce
  • Energy Bars

Healthy Drinks

What are the most popular healthy vending machine drinks?

Healthy drinks have always led the way in healthy vending machine products. After all, what’s healthier than water? In fact, water and non-carbonated juices are the longest running healthy drink categories—and new offerings enter the market daily, it seems. Vending machine consumers are no longer confined to the “classics,” like orange, pineapple, mango and coconut fruit juices. Exotic varieties, such as quince, goji berry and guanabana have shown up to the healthy vending drink market.

These tropical fruit flavors aren’t only making their presence known in juices, but in flavored waters as well. These fizzy and refreshing alternatives to plain water are sure to both hydrate and delight the thirstiest of vending machine patrons. But sometimes tastebuds crave a little more zing—and for those there’s a growing selection of healthy carbonated sodas. Zevia leads the carbonated soda category as far as popularity, but Blue Sky has a wider variety of flavors. The non-dairy smoothies and tea and coffee categories have also seen substantial growth. Healthy energy drinks currently make up the smallest section of the healthy vending drink category. But, with sales of not-so-healthy energy drinks at an all-time high, it begs the question, “Is the healthy energy drinks category the next to explode in popularity?”


Some popular drinks among health-conscious consumers include:

  • Water
  • Cold Coffee
  • Iced Tea
  • Smoothies
  • Sparkling water

Meals and Mini-Meals

Modern on-the-go lifestyles require quick, convenient and healthy nutrition. Luckily, there’s an increasing selection of both ready-to-eat and easy-to-prepare meals. These wholesome, pre-packaged options can save employees the inconvenience of leaving the office for lunch; help students focus on their studies, rather than on tracking down their next meal; give gym goers a healthy and quick recovery meal; and much more.


Healthy product vending machines are primed to offer the myriad benefits of these quick, wholesome meals. From breakfast staples to warm dinners, the options within the packaged meals segment can satiate appetites morning to night. Who can resist warm oatmeal in the morning? And who isn’t comforted and filled with a hot cup of soup in the evening? And as busy consumers increasingly turn to these easy, healthy options, manufacturers will only continue to expand their offerings.

Following are some of the most requested packaged meals and mini-meals:

  • Oatmeal
  • Soup
  • Rice Dishes
  • Quinoa
  • Noodle dishes

Wellness Products

Personal wellness and protective products are in high demand. But the rush on these life-bettering offerings is far from a fading fad. In fact, consumers have increasingly sought convenient access to wellness products since the reopening of offices, gyms, schools, venues and other facilities from the historic, widespread shutdown in the early 2020s. Customers can find over-the-counter medications, popular supplements, personal protective products and more in healthy vending machines.

The selection of personal wellness and hygiene products for busy on-the-goers is expanding. Whether it’s a traveler who’s forgotten a toothbrush and toothpaste or an office employee in need of essential oils, healthy vending machines can provide these and many others. It’s clear that healthy vending machines can offer more than wholesome nutrition, but also the products to help people live more comfortably or safer.


The most popular wellness items are listed below:

  • OTC medications
  • Essential oils
  • Personal hygiene
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Facemasks
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