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Your Employees Want To Be Healthy. You Can Help.

Your Employees Want To Be Healthy. You Can Help.

Just when we’ve put the holiday sugar binge behind us, here comes Valentine’s Day to derail us from our New Year’s resolutions. Now that we’re six weeks into the New Year, are you doing everything you can to help your employees stick to their resolutions to be healthier in 2016?

When a snack attack sneaks up at work, employees are often lured by the vending machine. Who can blame them? Vending machines are quick, convenient, and affordable — but they’re often filled with empty-calorie junk food, leading hard-working employees straight to an afternoon sugar crash. HealthyYOU Vending makes it easy to manage the mid-day munchies with smart snacking solutions—and help keep employees on track.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a healthy diet can improve concentration, problem-solving skills and productivity, while eating junk food can decrease mental clarity and job performance. Think of food as fuel. If you put junk in your body, you’ll feel like junk. If you fuel your body and mind with healthy snacks, drinks and meals, you’ll feel healthier and perform better, too.

You know that healthier snacks are good for your employees, but did you know eating healthier can actually be good for your business, too? Studies indicate that healthy employees are more productive and take less time off from work for health-related reasons, and that unhealthy eating can be linked to a 66% decrease in productivity. That’s a major impact on your bottom line.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, employers are looking toward preventative measures as a way to reduce overall costs, while improving employee wellness.

Forbes recently reported that 70% of U.S. employers currently offer wellness programs, and that every $1 spent on wellness yields an ROI of $1.50. Even companies that don’t have the resources to promote full-scale wellness programs are taking baby steps toward improving overall employee health.

HealthyYOU Vending makes it easy for your company to promote healthier eating by providing employees with healthy snacks, drinks and meals in the workplace. Our healthy vending machines are locally owned and operated — so you’ll get to personally meet your vendor, who has access to over 1,100 healthy vending products.

Best of all, there is no cost or commitment by locations, making HealthyYOU Vending the smart choice for both employers and employees. Your employees want healthier, natural, low-calorie snacks and drinks for their busy workdays. Learn more about getting healthy vending at work to support their health and wellness efforts.

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