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Healthy YOUniversity (NEW)

You’ll Learn More Than You Ever Thought Possible—In Just Two Days!

The healthy vending business information and experience you receive at this two-day event is comprehensive and hands-on. Everyone walks away from this training empowered to succeed and with a conviction that shouts, “I’ve got this!”


Watch this introductory video to learn more about why Healthy YOUniversity is such an important and valuable experience for our new business owners.


For more in depth insights into the Healthy YOUniversity experience, spend some additional time with actual participants as they describe the benefits.

Hands-on Training with the Healthy Vending Industry’s Best Mentors

  • Our trainers, owners and executives are all experts in their fields.
  • Receive instruction by the developer of our proprietary eManage™ Vending Management Software. This important application optimizes and makes available the real time data being received from your machines.
  • Learn all the features and advanced technologies of the Healthy YOU Vending Machine and receive “hands-on” instructional time with a vending machine.
  • Sample healthy snacks and learn about the best resources available to secure products.
  • Learn how to access and make changes to your own customized website that we create for you.
  • Our marketing department will explain how to promote your business.
  • Receive advice from an experienced, qualified CPA on accounting practices to maximize tax write-offs and depreciation.

Healthy Youniversity

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