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Welcome New Distributors!

Welcome New Distributors!

We are excited to welcome some of our new distributors to the HealthyYOU Vending family! Our distributors benefit from an experienced support team and state-of-the-art healthy vending machines that allow them to establish themselves as vending professionals providing healthy snacks and drinks while creating a business that suits their lifestyle and goals.

Here are just a few of our new distributors:

Ray P.

Ray P. from Atlanta, Georgia was in his fifth year of retirement and missing the challenges of everyday business life. When his son graduated from college, Ray saw it as a perfect opportunity to show him how a business is started from the ground up. “I wanted something that was recession-proof, and I think that’s something the vending industry has going for it, especially in the healthy foods segment,” says Ray. “I also wanted to get into something that I really feel passionate about.”

Rob J.

Rob J. from Raleigh, North Carolina was also looking for an affordable, flexible business to grow with his 13-year-old son. “What I liked about HealthyYOU was not only was it providing a good product for the community, it was flexible. There’s not a lot of capital outlay to get invested in the business. The time you commit to it can be after normal work hours. And it’s something you can grow at your own pace.”

Joanne G.

Joanne G. from Huntington, New York also believed the HealthyYOU Vending machine would be a great product to bring to the community, and she wanted to be her own boss. “The quality of the HealthyYOU Vending machine is exceptional. What I like about this particular machine is that it’s made in the USA. The product is high quality. The technology and software connecting how the machine runs is just amazing. Less footwork, less guessing. “ For more from Joanne, go here!

Gino W.

Gino W. from Denver, Colorado was looking for a revenue stream in addition to his job as an airline pilot. As a big believer in healthy eating and a self-proclaimed “physical fitness nut” he was excited to discover HealthyYOU Vending. Gino believes that the support team will help him excel, and he appreciates the flexibility that HealthyYOU Vending has afforded him. “That’s the best thing about this business. Right now I have five machines. My ultimate goal is about 20 machines in the next year and a half. I like the idea of having the flexibility to grow where I want to. I’m just excited about HealthyYOU Vending.” For more from Gino, go here!

Matt & Amy W.

Matt and Amy W. from Auburn, Alabama were drawn to HealthyYOU Vending because of the flexibility and freedom of buying, owning and placing the machines where they wanted. “Once you have purchased your machines the HealthyYOU Vending support center is there for you to help you with anything you need. Whether you have experience in business or no experience at all, there are people to help you along the way. HealthyYOU Vending cares whether or not you are a success! The tools that HealthyYOU Vending provides you with are endless.”

If you’re interested in owning your own business with a support team of experts to help you, learn more about purchasing a HealthyYOU Vending machine!

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