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Appropriate sugar intake for the human body is one of the most controversial topics in our society today. While no one disputes that too much sugar can have detrimental effects on the body, some do disagree on the specific limits and which types of sugar are most harmful. Many years of research have shown that […]

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Have you ever wanted to run your own business? It is a prospect that can be truly exhilarating and unique for many reasons. But isn’t it also risky? Isn’t it true that hundreds of thousands of dollars are needed to start a business? The answer to those questions is typically yes, and because of this […]

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The American Heart Association recently kicked off a month-long celebration to help Americans take the first step to a healthier lifestyle with National Walking Day. It got us thinking, not just about walking our way to health but walking our way to success. Is there a link between a healthy lifestyle and success? We all […]

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Hudson and Betsy Gray, owners of Snack Smart Healthy Vending, have been in the childcare industry for several years. As the owners/operators of their own childcare centers, they saw first-hand the growing problem of childhood obesity. They decided that, as a couple, they wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and help others learn to eat […]

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