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Revolutionary SmartWarePro™ Technology from HealthyYOU Vending

Revolutionary SmartWarePro™ Technology from HealthyYOU Vending

HealthyYOU Vending’s exclusive SmartWarePro™ technology has changed the face of vending by allowing distributors to create custom settings that can be downloaded directly to your HealthyYOU Vending machines as vending machine options. Using this revolutionary SmartCard technology, easily change product pricing, offer discounted vends for specific days or times, display calorie information, control the refrigeration system, display custom messages and more.

SmartWarePro allows you to change the settings for each machine right from the netbook we provide, download those settings onto a SmartCard, and then instantly update your healthy vending machine by inserting the SmartCard into the machine. No other healthy vending company that we are aware of has developed this technology. You’ll receive a SMARTCard with your HealthyYOU Vending machine investment.

Distributors use SmartWarePro to set up meal deals, discounted vends and other incentives. For example, you may have a location that rewards employees who work overtime. You can set up the machine in that location to automatically discount vends after 6 p.m. or offer free vends on weekends. Then use our eManage™ vending management software to provide the company with a report for reimbursement.

Lottery mode is another great feature of SmartWarePro, especially in a new location. Imagine how excited an employee or customer would be to receive their money back and see a congratulatory message on the MediaLink™ display. Set your healthy vending machine to receive a free vend every 50th or 100th customer, or any number you choose. Lottery mode can be changed at any time, but many distributors choose to keep it on — giving free vends gets people talking and gets the machine off to a great start!

Energy saving mode is another great feature of SmartWarePro. If your machine is in an office building where no one works overnight, you can set up the machine to stop cooling the drinks at a certain time —  after all, there’s no need to waste the electricity if no one will be buying cold drinks for 12 hours. Some states even have laws requiring vending machines to go into energy saving mode, making this a great selling point for your locations.

SmartWarePro also allows you to put your healthy vending machine into lock-out mode. This is especially important in public schools, where federal law prohibits the sale of soda during lunchtime. To avoid fines, schools are scrambling to find machines with a lock-out feature, and while many vending companies can’t meet this need, HealthyYOU Vending has had this feature in place for years.

Watch the video to learn more about HealthyYOU Vending’s revolutionary machine technology!


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