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Over 2,500 Healthy Vending Choices!

Products are the core of the business. Buy at wholesale prices and sell them at the highest retail price point. Your automated marketplace delivers products in the most convenient way and customers will pay a premium. We connect you with the most affordable sources, but you can carry any product from any source … It’s your business.

Snacks & Drinks

Offer the same kinds of popular healthy snacks and drinks that are sold at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods—but in single-serve sizes. From wholesome chips to healthy hydration options, on-the-go consumers always enjoy having a “fresh” product mix that won’t weigh them down.

Wellness Products

Items to stay healthy and on-the-spot remedies for common ailments. Single-serve or trial size quantities of popular supplements, essential oils, powdered drink mixes, and over-the-counter treatments for colds and flu, indigestion and more. Also consider offering gloves and facemasks.

Meals & Mini-Meals

Offer prepackaged meal options to help satisfy hungry appetites. These easy-to-prepare meals provide healthy and safe choices for breakfast, lunch or dinner. From oatmeal to ramen and everything in-between, they’re great for people looking for a quick and healthy fill-up

Product Cycling

for Maximum Revenue

Location-specific products! We teach you how to use our proprietary eManage software to optimize inventory for each location, thus, maximizing your revenue potential. No matter where you place your vending machines, you’ll customize the product mix to meet each location’s needs.