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Never Been A Better Time

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Believe It or Not, Now Is a Great Time to Launch
Your Healthy Vending Business. Here’s Why.

Dear Healthy Vending Entrepreneur,

First and foremost, I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and safe.

I wanted to take a moment and update you on why the current medical crisis does not need to become a personal financial crisis, and why, for the time being, we are adding FREE equipment to all our orders.

There is no doubt that the current COVID-19 situation is playing havoc with the markets. But because our nation’s economic fundamentals are strong, we believe that once this virus runs its course over the next 60–90 days, the markets will stabilize and come roaring back. If you closely monitor the “smart money” during tough economic times, you will discover the savviest investors do something more than just pray. This is when they take action to protect their wealth and ensure their families are financially secure. This is when they invest.

So what should YOU do? In our 21 years in business we have seen bear and bull markets, recessions and economic booms. And what we are seeing right now is that smart entrepreneurs are refusing to panic or become paralyzed by current conditions. In this time of uncertainty, they are deciding that the markets may not be the safest place to keep their money. They are proactively choosing a safer course—investing in themselves. As they are feeling an urgency to supplement their income more than ever before, many are turning to a “turn-key” business model to expedite the startup process.

When people evaluate Healthy YOU Vending, they see the immediate benefit of franchise-level support without the fees or royalties. Additionally, we offer a program where 90% of the work is done remotely. With our real-time, cloud-based eManage software, you know exactly what to take to stock each machine, and you are in and out of each location quickly. Most franchise businesses are people-centric, while ours is technology-centric.

Many of our operators who have added our SmartMart side vendor to their machines have them filled with entrees, soups, noodle dishes and more. You can imagine how fast those items are flying out of the machines now as people try to minimize visits to public places for their meals. Our operators who have converted their SmartMarts to Wellness Centers have always been successful selling wellness-based products. CBD oil products have been one of the hottest sellers and continue to be even under the current conditions. Additionally, operators can prosper by selling travel-size hand sanitizer and/or wipes during and well beyond this current threat.

Uncertain times come and go. What matters is what you are doing about it today. This threat will fade over the next few months— which gives you a window of opportunity now, to order your machines, go through the training, procure your locations and position yourself to take advantage of a rebounding economy.

We want to do our part by not only offering our two-day Healthy YOUniversity training virtually, so you don’t need to travel here to Utah, but for now I have also authorized our Business Development Managers (BDM) to offer FREE equipment with all orders (please talk with your BDM for details). Invest in yourself and we will invest in you.

“This too shall pass.” Both life and business will return to normal. Until then, the best thing we can do is stay calm, level-headed and carry on with our goals.

To Your Success In 2020,

Jeff Marsh | President & CEO

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