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Millennials Want Healthy Food Choices

Millennials Want Healthy Food Choices

Being younger than 30 may correlate with healthier eating habits. Studies show that rising generations, particularly millennials, are trending towards more health-conscious eating, and many are likely to choose healthy products in vending machines.

A recent report conducted by the Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Survey offered surprising information about the culinary habits of millennials, including the fact that younger consumers are trending towards more health-conscious eating. Of more than 30,0000 consumers surveyed across the globe, many expressed concern about food ingredients, genetically modified foods, and a preference for organic foods.

The study also included a group of consumers known as Generation Z: men and women currently younger than 20 years old. More than 40% of individuals polled in this group indicated that they would be willing to put their money where their mouths are and spend more on healthier food options.

Across the board, consumers are demanding access to healthier foods, and are willing to pay more for healthier products. The study also indicated a willingness to spend more money on healthier food choices by 26% of Gen X’ers, 23% of Baby Boomers, and 15% of the Silent Generation.

Sales of organic and natural grown products have enjoyed up to a 28% increase over the past year, indicating that consumers are indeed spending more on healthy products.

A significant portion of the health food industry includes healthy vending, which is currently listed as a $42 billion dollar industry and growing. Healthy vending machines offer the advantage of providing healthy options on the go.

HealthyYOU Vending, a leader in the healthy vending industry, is working to cater to the rising generation, who are seeking healthier products, by placing their machines in schools, places of business and recreational facilities across the nation.

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