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Top Three Reasons

Franchise Seekers Take a Second Look

  1. Named Top 5. HealthyYOU was named in the top 5 of all franchises and business opportunities.
  2. SBA Funding. The Small Business Administration (SBA) Express Loan provides funding for 10 machines and a salary for your first year in the business.
  3. Flexible Business Model. You can start part-time or full-time and with no employees or be an absentee owner and we will train your key employees.
Top 3

Top Three Reasons

We Beat Other Healthy Vending Companies

We are the only company that:

  1. Provides LIVE training. You get to meet our full support team and other new operators. The “hands-on” training our competitors provide via Zoom just doesn’t give you what you need.
  2. Offers optional side units. Find out why the ability to add SmartMarts and Wellness Centers is a game-changer.
  3. Helps you develop and build your brand. It’s about you. Not about us. Look at other machine. If their company name is on your machines their focus is not on your business. It’s on theirs.
Healthy You Discovery Day

Come visit us on an upcoming Discovery Day and find out if HealthyYOU is the right opportunity for you. Hear from the company leadership, support team and a successful operator HealthyYOU has helped grow from five machines to over 100 machines. Get your questions answered on how we stand out from traditional franchises and from other companies in our industry. Hear exactly how our training and support programs will help you launch and grow your business. See how your machines look and operate. This is a great opportunity for serious people to cross off that last item on their due diligence checklist.


Hear from new HealthyYOU owners during a recent training class

Healthy YOU Vending Review - Flexible Hours, More Family Time

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