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Is Healthy YOU Vending a Good Business?

Is Healthy YOU Vending a Good Business?

Entrepreneurs in search of new business opportunities often seek out franchises first. It seems like a logical place to start: a proven business model in place, an established brand and franchise support to get your business off the ground. This typically leads to sticker shock, as they learn of the exorbitant, initial investment typically required of franchises—not to mention the ongoing fees and royalties—as well as the restrictions on how and where to run a business.

Healthy YOU Vending is different.

Our better-than-a-franchise model allows you to start your vending machine business with a one-time investment and no future royalties or ongoing fees. This allows new healthy vending business owners to be true entrepreneurs while working part-time or full-time in a continuously growing, highly profitable industry.

Is Healthy YOU Vending profitable?

While it’s impossible to predict any single vending machine’s profit margin, we can tell you this: vending is a $7 billion industry in the U.S., with healthy snacks continuing to outpace traditional vending machine junk food. As with any business, success can be linked to effort, so be sure to keep your machines well-serviced and stocked with consumer favorites in order to keep generating sales.

Another key to Healthy YOU Vending profitability is our lack of ongoing fees. Healthy YOU Vending operators own their machines outright and run their healthy vending companies the way they see fit—all without franchise fees or royalties, while still enjoying our franchise-level support. You’re in business for you, but you’re never alone.

Is Healthy YOU Vending legit?

Healthy YOU Vending has been in business since 1999. We were at the forefront of healthy vending from the start. In fact, in 2007 we sold the first healthy vending machines in the nation. Since then, we’ve become the largest supplier of healthy vending machines in the U.S., providing health-conscious entrepreneurs the opportunity to tap into this growing industry.

Thanks in part to our lack of franchise fees, we’ve also been named one of the top five business opportunities nationwide. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a top rating with Dun & Bradstreet. Our focus is on our operators and their business, which is why we don’t just sell machines. We follow up with intensive business training, lifetime coaching and a 24/7 online support center. It’s why more than 1,700 business owners have trusted Healthy YOU Vending from the start. See what our raving fans have to say.

We welcome budding entrepreneurs from all walks of life to visit our corporate offices in Utah, where we also offer a two-day Healthy YOUniversity training class for our newest healthy vending business owners. Contact us today to learn more.

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