What’s Included In
Each Package

The HealthyYOU Vending System

As a Business Owner, you will receive the following:

1. Healthy YOUniversity™

Two jam-packed days at our Corporate Headquarters where you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to launch your healthy vending business and succeed. Held monthly. Come and get no-nonsense, practical hands-on experience with your machines, products, locations, software, business operations, marketing and much more (travel & lodging expenses not included).

2. Location Procurement

As a new HealthyYOU Vending Business Owner, you are eligible for our team to help you identify qualified placement opportunities for your machines at no additional cost. We help you target locations in your geographic area that ensure qualified homes for each of your machines.

3. Lifetime Personal Coaching

Our seasoned, in-house coaching staff at HealthyYOU Vending stands ready toassist you in every aspect of launching, growing and maintaining your newhealthy vending business. For questions, concerns, instructions or ideas – justask – any time!

4. Your Own Customized Website

Establish your presence on the internet with your own customized web site thatwe provide for you. Drive traffic to your site with effective promotional marketingtools such as press releases, promotional materials, personalized business cardsand QR code labels placed on the front of your machines.

5. eManage™ Vending Management Software

Created specifically for HealthyYOU Vending Business Owners. Monitor andmanage sales, profit margins, inventory, etc. – all from your PC or laptop. Fulltracking and reporting capability. Viewable dashboard information.

6. Online Support Center

Everything you need to operate your new healthy vending business at the click ofa mouse. From tracking your equipment delivery to downloading the most recentsoftware. From printing off a page of the HealthyYOU Machine manual todiscovering best-selling products and resources. Support is accessible 24/7/365.

7. Hands-On Technical Support Expertise

Whether it’s technical support for a machine, software or your own website –we’ve got a competent, dedicated team ready to assist you with hands-onexpertise for any technical-related question or situation at home or in the field.

8. Lifetime Pricing Guarantee

HealthyYOU Vending will permanently honor the price you pay per machine atthe time of your initial investment. Although we will experience price increasesfrom time to time, you will be locked in for life at the lower investment price.

9. Shipping Assurance Guarantee

Unlike most vending companies, HealthyYOU Vending won’t make you gothrough the hassles of filing a claim with the shipping company should there beany damage to your machines. In the unlikely event of shipping damage, we willresolve the matter quickly without delay.

10. Lifetime Vandalism/Fire/Theft Protection Plan

In the unlikely event of vandalism, fire or theft, HealthyYOU Vending will replace,with a 50%deductible, any HealthyYOU machine or machine part purchased fromus (police report of vandalism/fire/theft required).

11. Discounted Pricing from UNFI

Buy healthy drinks and snacks from the very same suppliers that Whole FoodsMarket, Trader Joes, Sprouts, and other well-known retailers are actuallypurchasing their products from, and at discounts below wholesale.

12. HealthyYOU Machine Videos

Instructional machine videos teaching you step by step how to load products inyour machine. A must for first time vendors. If you purchase the optionalMediaLink™ Digital Display Package you can play these videos right on yourmachine.

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