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How To Snack Healthy at Work

How To Snack Healthy at Work

Everyone has experienced it—the dreaded 3 p.m. slump. You feel tired and drained and just don’t feel productive. We all deal with it, but how can you avoid it? Instead of eating junk food, try fueling up with a healthier option. It just so happens that eating healthy snacks at work helps to improve workplace productivity, energy, mood and focus. Healthy snacks can help you stay productive and efficient from the beginning of the day until the very end.

How do I snack healthy at work?

Trying to stick to just healthy snacks at work may seem daunting at first. How do you plan your snacks for an entire week? How do you know what you might start craving during the workday? Healthy You Vending machine snacks are a great workaround. They offer a wide variety of healthier, delicious snack options sure to satisfy all types of cravings. And when healthy snacks are the only option, it’s easy to avoid making the costly health mistakes that you run into with traditional vending machines.

What healthy snacks should I eat at work?

When it comes to choosing a healthy snack, you might not know where to start. Never fear, your local healthy vending machine will be stocked with all types of tasty, nutritious and healthy snacks to satisfy your tastebuds. Craving something crunchy? Choose whole-grain crackers, baked chips, rice cakes, veggie chips or popcorn. In the mood for something sweeter? Try super foods like dark chocolate-covered almonds, dried fruit, organic fruit leathers or trail mix. Seaweed snacks, protein bars, jerky and granola are all great ways to fuel through the remaining hours of the work day. Even better, when you get to know your local Healthy YOU Vending business owner, you can put in specific requests for your happy, healthy snacking satisfaction. Click here for a list of the 10 healthiest packaged snacks in healthy vending machines.

Why is eating healthy snacks at work important?

Employees who choose to eat healthy snacks at work show enhanced productivity and improved mood, thanks to the higher energy levels that come with the nutrients in healthy snacks. These smart snacking choices may also improve focus and performance at work. Healthy foods supply energy that fuels our brains, a great benefit over unhealthy snacks that lead to the all-too-familiar and dreaded afternoon slump.

So skip the high carb, salty, heavy and sugar-laden junk food that can weigh you down during the day and enjoy the endless benefits of healthier snacking at work. You just may find yourself feeling more productive and focused as you satisfy your cravings with something healthy and delicious.

With over 2,500 healthy vending product options to choose from, Healthy YOU Vending business owners are dedicated to providing the exact mix that employees and customers are craving, customized to each location. To learn more about getting a Healthy YOU Vending machine placed at your company—at no cost—click here to contact us today.

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