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Why HealthyYOU Vending?

Why HealthyYOU Vending?

The health craze is only getting healthier as Americans become more health and nutrition conscious, and as Corporate America, local schools and the federal government support changes to a healthier lifestyle. Now’s your chance to join the health revolution as a HealthyYOU Vending distributor in your market area.

As more Americans make the choice to eat healthier at home, they’re also looking for those same healthy options in vending. As a result, healthy snacks, drinks and meals represent the fastest growing segment of the vending industry. And it’s not just organic-based food companies bringing healthy snacks and drinks to the table. Major, well-known snack companies like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Kellogg are producing healthy and organic products like never before in response to consumer demand.

A recent report shows that consumption of flavored and enhanced waters has increased by more than 30% as consumers look for alternatives to carbonated, sugary drinks. In fact, healthy drinks have always led the way in healthy vending machine products. Our HealthyYOU Vending machine system is all about meeting consumer demand with healthy choices and convenience.

Distributor Nicholas S. of White Plains, New York says, “HealthyYOU Vending is all that is required to secure your future in becoming a successful operator of a vending business. We chose to do business with HealthyYOU Vending because of their deep knowledge and understanding of the industry.”

At HealthyYOU Vending, our number one focus is to help you build your own successful healthy vending company. Our dynamic training tools begin with Healthy YOUniversity’s two-day intensive training course and continue with lifetime coaching services provided at no additional charge.

The bottom line is that people are eating smarter and healthier — and traditional vending machine operators have lagged behind consumer demand. Now YOU can get ahead of the curve and fill that need with our exclusive HealthyYOU Vending Distributorship opportunity. Learn more: