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Healthy Vending Business March 6, 2014
HealthyYOU Vending: “The Perfect Business”

HealthyYOU Vending: “The Perfect Business”

As Americans become more and more health conscious, the demand for healthy food choices is exploding — and now is the time to capitalize on this window of opportunity. Combine the exploding health revolution with the booming vending industry in addition to a strong political push for healthier Americans, and you have the perfect recipe for success!

The Health Revolution

The health craze is only getting healthier. Americans are more nutrition-conscious than ever before, eating healthier at home and then looking for those same options when they leave the house. Busy work days and late nights with access only to unhealthy fast food and vending machine junk food can leave employees hungry for a good meal. They want healthy, natural, low-calorie, energizing options. A HealthyYOU Vending machine can provide delicious, healthy snacks and drinks, and the optional Entrée/Side Dish Vendor can put delicious, nutritious, microwavable ready-to-eat meals right at their fingertips … while you reap higher profits. It’s a great way to increase your earning capacity!

The Booming Vending Industry

Welcome to the largest cash business in the world — the booming $42 billion vending industry. Nowadays, healthy choices and convenience is what vending is all about — and that’s HealthyYOU Vending in a healthy, all-natural nutshell. Even major companies traditionally known for sugary drinks and junk foods are introducing healthier options at a fast rate. In fact, healthy and organic snacks, drinks and meals represent the fastest growing segment of the booming vending industry. It’s time for you tap into your share of this exciting industry by becoming a HealthyYOU Vending distributor!

A Growing Political Push

It’s become common knowledge that nearly two-thirds of Americans — adults and children — are overweight. From local initiatives to First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, you’re hearing it on all levels: government leaders are mandating healthier vending standards.

“A HealthyYOU Vending machine is state-of-the-art, reliable, handsome and the answer to healthier snacking. We say, “OUT WITH TRADITIONAL JUNK FOOD SNACKING!”

–HealthyYOU Vending Distributors Tony & Tina G., Charlotte, North Carolina

So, what’s the bottom line? People are eating smarter and healthier, and there’s never been a better time for YOU to earn healthy profits. Get in on the exploding healthy vending revolution with our exclusive HealthyYOU Vending distributorship opportunity. Get more information today! 

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