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Vending Machine Locations March 13, 2014
HealthyYOU Vending Machines On Hill Air Force Base

HealthyYOU Vending Machines On Hill Air Force Base

HealthyYOU Vending is proud to support the health and wellness efforts of our military personnel, civilian employees and family members at Hill Air Force Base. Last month, three HealthyYOU Vending machines were installed on the military base, putting easy access to better nutrition at the fingertips of the men and women who work tirelessly to defend our nation.

HealthyYOU Vending machines can now be found at the Warrior Fitness Center (perfect for refueling after a workout!), in the Security Forces building, and in one of the airmen dormitories (great for late night healthy snacking). At the request of Hill Air Force Base, a specialty coffee machine will also be placed at the medical clinic. A local HealthyYOU Vending distributor will manage and stock the vending machines on the base. Profits will help support the base’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program.

“We are excited to have been awarded a contract for several of our HealthyYOU Vending machines to be installed at Hill Air Force Base,” said Jeff Marsh, co-owner of HealthyYOU Vending.  “We feel it an honor for this opportunity to serve our country’s service men, women and their families by providing healthy options on base.”

HealthyYOU Vending was asked to place our healthy vending machines on Hill Air Force Base after the failure of healthy vending machines from a national competitor. Our state-of-the-art machines offer superior technology and are equipped with Google/Mobile Wallet and credit/debit card capability for customer convenience.

HealthyYOU machines offer 21 healthy snack and 8 healthy drink options — providing a great way to fuel the body with nutritious snacks and drinks during a demanding day of duty. With limited access to healthy food options for busy military personnel, HealthyYOU Vending machines are a great alternative to filling our service men and women with junk food while on duty.

Always a model of health and fitness, active duty military personnel are becoming even more health conscious as initiatives aimed at increasing total force health and wellness — to include active duty, civilians and family members — are put in place at military bases around the country. Operation Live Well places a particular emphasis on the quality of life at military bases, and ensuring easy access to a variety of healthy, appealing and affordable food options. With a strengthened focus on weight management and making informed, nutritious food choices, a HealthyYOU Vending machine provides the healthy snack and drink options necessary to meet the demands of today’s military.

Want a HealthyYOU Vending machine at your workplace or school? Learn more about how you can be a healthy hero and help your employees and friends have access to healthy snacks and drinks.

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