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The HealthyYOU Vending Machine Difference

The HealthyYOU Vending Machine Difference

Healthy YOU Vending

The Healthy YOU Vending machine isn’t your ordinary machine because we designed it to be different. And by different, we mean better. From its attractive design to state-of-the-art technology, HealthyYOU Vending is designed to attract customers and deliver high profit margins.

Versatile offerings

The HealthyYOU Vending machine is designed to offer complete versatility of healthy snacks, drinks, entrees and side dishes. Each machine is capable of holding up to 337 healthier products, including 21 snack selections, 8 drink selections, plus 16 entree and side dish selections with the optional side vendor.

Innovation that can generate increased revenue

HealthyYOU Vending machines feature superior technologies that will revolutionize your healthy vending business:

  • Smartphone/Credit Card Payment Technology: These days, most people don’t carry cash—so we go above and beyond by giving your customers the ability to pay with their credit/debit cards. Customers can pay for their purchases with a simple tap of their smartphone-including Apple Pay, Google Wallet and more.
  • MediaLink Digital Display Package: Stop people cold in their tracks with an attention-getting 7” LCD screen that’s strategically positioned on the machine to attract more eyeballs. Maximize your earning power by displaying digital video ads – or display vivid product images and/or nutritional information.
  • SmartWarePro/SmartCard Technology: Optimize your business by preparing custom machine settings at home and downloading them directly into your machines. Change product pricing, offer discounted vends for specific hours or weekends, control the refrigeration system, lighting, internal clock, calorie information, custom display messages, trouble shooting, and much more!
  • Remote Plus Monitoring: Take the guesswork out of restocking your machines! Each morning, you’ll receive a confidential report that lets you know how each of your HealthyYOU machines performed the previous day. This is powerful information right at your fingertips—saving you the time and effort it takes to check on each machine in person.
  • eManage Vending Management Software: We really thought of everything, including the ability to streamline the operation of your healthy vending business with this proprietary software. HealthyYOU Vending operators can easily monitor and manage sales, profit margins, inventory and more, all from your laptop. eManage offers full tracking and reporting capability, as well as product analysis for each machine on your route.

Learn more about HealthyYOU Vending machine features:

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