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Healthy Vending Business October 16, 2014
HealthyYOU Vending Distributor Joanne G. from New York

HealthyYOU Vending Distributor Joanne G. from New York

It takes a lot to impress a New Yorker, but HealthyYOU Vending distributor Joanne G. from Huntington, New York knew from the start that our healthy vending business model was the right choice. Joanne has been a daycare owner for 17 years, so when she went looking for an additional revenue stream she wanted a business that would allow her to continue to be her own boss while also benefitting the community.

Why HealthyYOU Vending?

Initially impressed by our website, Joanne researched further and realized that the HealthyYOU Vending machine was top-quality, and so was our customer service. “When I spoke to the team it was amazing,” Joanne says. “Any time I had a question, they got back to me right away. Whether it was through phone calls or emails, [my experience] was just exceptional.”

Made in America

Joanne also believes the high quality of the HealthyYOU Vending machine is exceptional. But what really struck a cord with Joanne is that HealthyYOU Vending machines are made in the U.S.A. “That really meant a lot, because of what we’re giving back by keeping it in the U.S.A.

Superior Technology

Joanne is also impressed by HealthyYOU Vending’s superior vending machine technologies, and she appreciates how the RemotePlusTM Monitoring software takes the guesswork out of restocking her HealthyYOU Vending machines. “The technology, as far as the software connecting with how the machine runs is amazing,” Joanne says. “Less footwork, less guessing!”

Healthy YOUniversity

Ask any of our distributors who’ve experienced Healthy YOUniversity and they’ll agree: take the time to attend this exclusive, intensive two-day training at our corporate office, included with your investment! The wealth of knowledge,   information and experience you’ll receive at this two-day event from our expert coaching and consultant staffs is both comprehensive and hands-on, so that everyone leaves feeling empowered and ready to succeed. “I don’t know how anyone does it without this training,” Joanne says.

She’s not our only fan! See more from Joanne and other HealthyYOU Vending distributors and raving fans.

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