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Beyond the Vending Machine February 24, 2015
The HealthyYOU Vending Difference

The HealthyYOU Vending Difference

When you become a HealthyYOU Vending distributor, you’ll quickly discover that our philosophy in helping you succeed in the healthy vending industry is different from the other guys’. Our focus is all about YOU: YOUR healthy vending business, YOUR success, YOUR name getting recognized as a respected healthy vendor in your market.

We don’t push some crazy agenda, or burden you with unnecessary fees. We don’t make you buy product directly from us or plaster our name all over your healthy vending machines. That’s simply NOT the HealthyYOU Vending way. When you invest in a HealthyYOU Vending business, it’s YOURS. You’re an independent business owner and we recognize that it’s not about us — it’s about YOU. That’s the HealthyYOU Vending difference.

Our Only Agenda Is Helping Your Healthy Vending Business Succeed

Some healthy vending companies are trying to convince you to push their name and their agenda—and even pay them royalties for it! But think about it: whose name should be on YOUR healthy vending machine — yours or theirs? When someone sees your HealthyYOU Vending machine at a location and thinks, ‘Hey, I want one of these at my place of business!’ do you want them to call the machine supplier or you? Of course it should be you!

So that’s why you won’t find our name and website all over your HealthyYOU Vending machines. We’ll even create a personal QR code for the front of your machine, so if someone wants to learn more about becoming a HealthyYOU Vending location they can scan the code and be directly connected to your website, so YOU benefit from the potential new location!

No Franchise Fees or Unnecessary Restrictions

We don’t burden you with franchise, royalty or recurring fees. Why should we? Some healthy vending companies charge astronomical up-front and ongoing fees for their franchise model.

As an independent HealthyYOU Vending distributor, you’ll never:

  • Pay an initial franchise fee
  • Pay ongoing royalty fees
  • Pay for Healthy YOUniversity training or Lifetime Coaching
  • Pay extra for a credit card reader/remote monitoring (RMM)
  • Pay us a percentage for income generated via media screen advertising
  • Pay a replacement fee for a lost manual
  • Pay astronomical machine shipping charges

We also won’t:

  • Make you buy product from us or restrict your supplier list
  • Assign you locations (unless you ask us for Location Acquisition Assistance)
  • Force you to run your business within strict guidelines
  • Audit your financial records

That just isn’t the HealthYOU Vending way of doing business. We’ll help you in any way we can, but we recognize that it’s your business. You’re in control, and you get to keep your profits. That’s just the way it should be.

Learn more about the HealthyYOU Vending difference!


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