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HealthyYou Vending Celebrates World Food Day

HealthyYou Vending Celebrates World Food Day

Finding days to celebrate food is a movement HealthyYou Vending can really get behind, so what better day to honor food than on World Food Day? People have many opinions about food—what tastes good and what does not, which foods are healthy and which are not. But one thing everyone can agree on is that food brings people together. Love and laughter often accompany a good meal when a family sits down together after a busy day or when beloved relatives meet for a much-anticipated holiday visit. It is food that brings a feeling of well-being and comradery to individuals and groups alike.

Hands with assorted vegetables

Our bodies need food for enjoyment and nourishment but also for the feeling of satiation. So why not focus on foods with high-quality ingredients? The typical American diet is drastically out of balance and consists mainly of over-processed flours that have been stripped away of any trace of nutrient-dense fiber and proteins. Moreover, sugar intake is remarkably out of control. Just these two factors alone can leave the human body feeling deprived, tired and often overweight.

Basket of assorted vegetables

Think of your favorite camping spot and focus on that comforting, toasty campfire. Many types of materials will burn and feed a fire, but there are only select ones that burn more efficiently and provide the elements needed to produce an intense, long-lasting blaze that provides light and warmth for hours. On the flip-side, if efficient materials are not available, the flames will quickly die down and the fire will eventually dwindle out. The human body works much like a campfire—it can survive and even flourish for a while on less-desirable kinds of calories but there are only select groups of foods that can truly fuel the human body so it can operate as intended.

HealthyYou Vending knows how difficult it can be to eat well on the go. Living a bustling lifestyle that never stops is something we understand. Our mission is to offer the best-tasting, nutritious meals and healthy snacks for those who want to make their health a priority. Our focus is healthy, whole-grain varieties with less sugar and a delicious taste you won’t forget. We can’t trade-in or upgrade the human body, so we have to take care of the ones we have!

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