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Celebrate Every Kid Healthy Week With HealthyYOU Vending

Celebrate Every Kid Healthy Week With HealthyYOU Vending

We all want what’s best for our kids. That’s why Every Kid Healthy™ Week celebrates health and wellness for kids all across the country. Observed during the last week of April, Every Kid Healthy Week recognizes the link between nutrition, physical activity and learning, and highlights the great efforts of school partners that help improve the health and wellness of students.

Healthy Kids Are Better Prepared To Learn

Many children consume half of their daily meals at school—and that means that what children eat at school has a great impact on both their overall health and their academic achievement. HealthyYOU Vending proudly supports better school nutrition and healthy food initiatives for kids by providing healthier vending machine options in schools.

Healthy Vending in Schools

As part of an initiative to remove junk food from school vending machines and encourage kids to make healthier snack, drink and meal choices, HealthyYOU Vending operators Hudson and Betsy Gray were asked to place 11 machines in the Clarksville/Montgomery County School District. The healthy vending machines are stocked with snacks and drinks that meet FitPick SELECT standards and adhere to the USDA’s Smart Snacks in School nutrition guidelines.

Host an Every Kid Healthy Event at Your School

Anyone can get involved and be a part of the celebration to help support sound nutrition, regular physical activity and health-promoting programs in schools during Every Kid Healthy Week. Schools can host a field day, get students involved in planting a school garden, or invite parents to join students for a walk-a-thon. Invite volunteers who can offer expertise and extra hands to engage and encourage healthy eating and lifestyle habits among students at school and at home.

HealthyYOU Vending promotes healthy choices by providing satisfying, yet healthier snacks and beverages in healthy vending machines placed in schools all across the nation. To learn more about the HealthyYOU difference, or get a machine placed at your school, visit

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