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Healthy Vending Industry Alert

While we believe competition is good for any industry we feel you should know that a healthy vending company has been sanctioned by multiple states for unlawful activity.

As you research the industry you may see serious government actions
against a healthy vending company.

These actions ARE NOT against our company but rather are actions taken against our competitor for unlawful activities. Since this company uses a dba name rather than their legal name there is some confusion about this.

  • This competitor has Cease and Desist Orders from multiple states for unlawful activity. You can see many of these orders Here.
  • This competitor claims their MVP Elevator machine is made in the U.S. but it is actually made in China. Shipments of their machines from China can be seen Here. Our machines are made in Illinois. Here is a little info on that.
  • This competitor was sanctioned by a state for not warning prospective investors that an independent auditor expressed “Substantial doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern”. “Going concern” is an accounting term used to identify whether a company is likely to survive the next year.


When the auditor raised the warning the company was $3.6M behind in delivering locations and machines. That number has now more than doubled. We believe that delays importing the machines from China play a significant role in this huge backlog.

Having sold the first healthy vending machines in the nation we know healthy vending. And we know that people usually take the information shared by companies at face value. This is usually fine but because of our in-depth industry knowledge we know this company is giving information that is not accurate. We know we run the risk of being viewed as “bashing the competition” but believe people have the right to look at the information sources themselves as they make an investment decision.

If you find a company you feel even comes close to what we have to offer we encourage you to let us know and we can have a detailed feature-by-feature discussion with you.


3.6 Million
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