Healthy Entrées & Side Dishes

Healthy Entrées & Side Dishes

Operators with the Entrée/Side Dish Vendor can offer customers a variety of healthy meal options.

The number of healthy Entrée & Side Dishes is rapidly growing. Product manufacturers have realized that people eating healthy do not always have time to cook a healthy meal from scratch. They have also discovered that people at work who like to have a healthy snack may also want a convenient healthy entrée or side dish. The HealthyYOU Vending System is virtually the only workplace vending machine that can vend healthy entrées & side dishes*.

Chinese dishes make up a large part of the growth in this area but Thai, Indian and other ethnic foods are being introduced as well. Additionally, several companies have introduced lines of healthy soups. Vending healthy entrées & side dishes adds a whole new dimension to healthy vending.

*With Optional Entrée & Side Dish Vendor

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