Grow Healthy Vending Lawsuit Facts
A Letter From the President/CEO

We congratulate you on considering the exciting industry of healthy vending!

As you do your due diligence you will likely compare other companies to ours. We welcome and encourage this research and comparison. We know that no company can match what we have to offer – especially our experience in the industry. Over the last 18 years, our team has developed over 6,000 customers/operators (over 1,000 healthy vending operators), having sold nearly 100,000 vending machines nationwide. We have more experience helping entrepreneurs start a healthy vending business than all of our competitors combined.

While we encourage your research, we must unfortunately pass on a word of caution. For the past several years we have been seeking to discover the source of false and detailed slanderous posts on the internet about our company, our equipment, our support, our character, you name it. After further investigation including numerous subpoenas and depositions, we discovered that nearly all of the posts made anonymously or under pseudonyms (pretending to be customers of HealthyYOU Vending) on consumer websites were fabricated. Upon discovering through subpoenas multiple bogus posts originating from the residential IP address of competitor Christopher Wyland, CEO of Grow Healthy Vending, we filed a lawsuit in federal court in October of 2014 against Mr Wyland, Grow and other former vending aliases Mr Wyland has conducted business under (SEE VENDING MARKET WATCH NEWS RELEASE:

With Mr Wyland making every effort over 2 ½ years to delay a trial, the lawsuit was recently resolved with a settlement agreement, including a Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction against Wyland and Grow, ordered by United States District Court Judge Clark Waddoups. In the Judgment, Chris Wyland and Grow Healthy Vending are prohibited from making any further false or misleading misrepresentations about, or disparaging HealthyYOU Vending in any manner. Wyland/Grow are also enjoined from making further false statements regarding the geographic origin or quality of our machines.

Unfortunately, the damage will linger for years to come as most of the fraudulent posts will remain on these consumer websites since federal law shields them, in most cases, even for false or inaccurate information within a forum for speech. And from what we’ve discovered about his history, we’re not holding out much hope that Mr Wyland and Grow will refrain from further disguised attempts to damage our company. We’re already seeing new offenses that we are investigating – which if traced to him once again, could result in Chris Wyland being held in contempt of court.

It’s sad to see a competitor stoop this low in a desperate effort to win over sales – something we haven’t experienced with anyone else in almost two decades in this industry. Our sincere hope is Chris Wyland can mend his ways and make the personal and professional changes necessary to compete in a fair, ethical manner within a healthy competitive business atmosphere.

If you come across anything about our company or equipment that causes you to be concerned, please let us know and we will be happy to personally address any specific information. Please examine the trustworthy resources below which should reassure you about what we stand for. We hope you won’t let a crafty competitor rob you of a great opportunity for you and your family.


Jeff Marsh

Get The FACTS.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we are a BBB Accredited Business as well. The BBB is the ONE legitimate organization that verifies the identity of anyone posting a bonafide positive or negative review. Other sites allow anyone to post anything and everything – even bogus reviews where they can hide behind fictitious names and locations of where they’re originally written from. There’s no validation/verification process. Click here to see our BBB Report.

Seaga Manufacturing, our equipment provider, also has an A+ rating and is a BBB Accredited Business. Seaga is an Energy Star Partner, has been producing vending machines for nearly 30 years and has manufactured equipment for companies like Coke, Pepsi and other major players in the vending industry. Mr. Wyland’s manufacturer is not a BBB Accredited Business.

NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association) is the watchdog of the vending industry. You wouldn’t buy a home without a certified inspection and you shouldn’t invest in uncertified vending equipment. The HealthyYOU Vending System is certified by the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) in all 50 U.S. States and Canada. Our equipment meets the governing “standard for sanitary design and construction” and incorporates the requirements of the FDA Model Food Code.

Most vending companies are selling machines that are not NAMA certified – and we know why. The HealthyYOU vending machine has stood up to the rigorous 79-point checklist required by NAMA inspectors. To review the intensive testing and scrutiny documentation required by NAMA, please click here: Download Our NAMA Checklist.

Be sure to ask for a NAMA certification letter from any company you may be considering. We’ll gladly provide ours.

Articles and News
Read what people are saying about HealthyYOU Vending
Here’s a link to a newspaper article about a father and son team of our operators:

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In this article Illinois’s Governor visits the Seaga Manufacturing plant in Freeport, IL where our machines are produced. This picture was taken next to our production line (you can see our machine on the left). One of the many falsehoods spread by Mr. Wyland is that no machines are made in the plant featured in this article.

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Here is a link to an article on a husband and wife team. Angela and Chuck were awarded the contract to supply 38 machines for their local school district.

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In their series called “Machines – How They Work”, the Science Channel featured the manufacturing of vending machines. When producing the video, they chose our manufacturer’s plant in Freeport, Illinois — citing Seaga as “America’s Fasting Growing Vending Machine Company.” Click on the video clip to see the very equipment used to produce the
HealthyYOU machines. Although the traditional vending equipment featured is for a different product line, many of the vending machine parts you see are the same parts built into the HealthyYOU machines.

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