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Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle September 4, 2014
Food for Thought: Why Healthy Vending Matters

Food for Thought: Why Healthy Vending Matters

In a perfect world, all of our food would be locally grown and farm fresh. But the truth is, busy lifestyles, career demands, and family obligations don’t always allow the time for hitting the local farmer’s market and preparing meals and snacks from scratch. For busy employees, vending machines are often the only source of food and drink available as they work through lunch or late into the evening. A recent study by the Missouri Department of Human Services shows that 43% of a nine-to-fiver’s meals and snacks take place during the workday, despite only spending 35% of their waking hours at work.

People Want To Be Healthy

According to a recent study by the Snack Food Association, 74% of consumers are trying to eat better, and the purchase of healthy vending machine snacks is outpacing the purchase of traditional snacks by 3:1! Yet all the personal desire and workplace wellness programs in the world don’t mean anything if healthy food and drinks aren’t readily available in the workplace. A HealthyYOU Vending machine conveniently puts healthier snack and drink options at your employee’s fingertips.

Healthy Food Matters

Research shows that what employees eat during the workday has an impact on mental acuity, energy levels, and overall performance. Employers have known this for years, implementing workplace wellness programs that focus on the value of preventative health care, routine medical screenings, and exercise in an effort to lower health insurance rates and reduce employee absenteeism. In his book, Food at Work: Workplace Solutions for Malnutrition Obesity and Chronic Disease, author Christopher Wanjek shifts the focus to food, revealing how workplace productivity is directly linked to nutrition and emphasizing the necessity of regular, healthy food consumption throughout the day to maintain energy levels and proper brain function.

Make it Happen

Don’t let a lack of healthy snacks and drinks at your workplace hinder your employee’s access to good nutrition. An on-site HealthyYOU Vending machine stocked with nutritious, organic, low-fat, low-calorie, and even gluten-free and kosher options provides the ultimate in convenience and healthy choices. The versatile healthy vending machines can stock a total of 337 products, including 21 different snack and 8 drink options plus 16 entrée and side dish selections with the optional modular entrée/side dish vendor. For added convenience, HealthyYOU Vending’s payment and media console accepts bills up to $20 and are equipped with a credit/debit card reader and Google/Mobile Wallet technology.

Worried about the cost? No problem! You can have a HealthyYOU Vending machine placed at your location at absolutely no cost to your company!  Find out how: