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Are Locations Important?

While we sell great healthy vending machines (made in the U.S.—not China), one of the most important components of your new business is securing locations. At Healthy YOU, we take great healthy vending machines and help you get them into great locations. Our team helps you build a customized healthy vending route that focuses on what matters most to you— area, type of location, size of location, etc. Discount Vending, by law cannot provide locations, any type of location training—or even location advice. Instead, they say you must search the Internet and find a “vending location company” to help secure your locations. These companies know very little or nothing about healthy vending and often put you in the wrong kinds of locations.

Plus, as part of the deal, they typically offer 20% of your gross sales to the location to speed up the process of completing your location work. Once your work is done you will never hear from them again. Locations are a huge part of your business and tie into the rest of the support you receive. Make sure the company who does your locations also provides that ongoing support.

There is a BIG difference in the kinds of locations needed to support a healthy vending machine. We have been helping our healthy vending operators with locations since 2007 and helped our traditional vending operators with locations for eight years before that. We have the background and experience to help you make good location choices.

And locations are just one part of a full business. Discount Vending will suggest that you don’t need the support provided by a company like Healthy YOU. They will also suggest that you can just purchase healthy vending machines and figure it out on your own – or with a little advice from them. We have helped 1,700 people start a healthy vending business, while Discount Vending has just sold machines—and have never helped anyone start a business. This is akin to a company that sells gym equipment implying they know more about how to start a successful gym business than an actual fitness franchise, such as Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, Gold’s Gym, etc.

We help you start a healthy vending business – as close as you can get to franchise support but without the franchise fees and royalties. Discount Vending by law is not licensed to do so. And since we will beat their price & program why even bother?

Click here to learn more about why we don’t like to sell just machines.

Bait & Switch

Think about how you got here. You talked to our company about our full business start-up program. Then you saw on the Internet Discount Vending offering the “same” machines for half the price. You called and talked to Jeff Cramer and found that very quickly you went from talking about used HealthyYOU machines to his new Triple Profit machine. This is a classic “bait & switch”. Discount Vending is very clever. They use the most popular machine in the industry as a hook to get you to call them. Then they tell you about a “better” machine and say that that starting a healthy vending business isn’t difficult and they can help.

Why bother with the gimmick when we will beat their price and program?

Ask These Seven Questions

If a discount vending company says they can provide support, ask these seven questions:

Please provide the names of a half-dozen people to which you have sold machines that have successfully built a business (by law they are required to do so). These should be people who bought from them and did not receive training from a full-service company like Healthy YOU Vending.

Does your training include how to start a business or is it just training on the machine?

Do you have support personnel (business coaches) and an operator support site?

Do you provide software to run my business? (Please note that many machines will provide real-time data feedback, but you will need software to manage it.)

Can you get me discounts on healthy snack and drinks with United Natural Foods—or will I have to use whatever Sam’s Club and Costco happen to be carrying?

Do you build a web site for my business?

Do your machines have a lifetime warranty and lifetime theft and vandalism coverage?

Click here to learn more about why we don’t like to sell just machines.

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