FIRST: When franchise candidates “at the finish line” back out for any of the following reasons, HealthyYOU Vending is the perfect Pivot Solution.

  • Not ready to leave their job—want part-time
  • Need a more flexible schedule and be in control
  • Don’t want the challenges of managing employees

To watch the Pivot Plan, click the video
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But remember, introducing HealthyYOU Vending early can also be your “ace in the hole” for those expressing these concerns upfront, or as solid Pivot Solution for your qualified clients who get cold feet.

SECOND: HealthyYOU Vending goes well beyond a typical Consultant/Zor relationship. We:

  • Supply franchise seeker leads from our “no to healthy vending” database
  • Help mine your database for “gone cold” candidates that match with HealthyYOU
  • Pay you to accompany your candidates to our HealthyYOU Discovery Days
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