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Characteristics of Our Top Operators

These Are Some of the Common Characteristics of Our Top Operators

The experience, goals and personalities of our operators vary widely. The common characteristic has been a strong motivation to start, run and grow their own business. And our business concept model, proven for over 24 years, provides our operators with a simple, turnkey entry in fulfilling their business and lifestyle dreams.

If you have the drive to be your own boss and chart your own course, then please fill out the form, get the details and see if this is the right business for you. We would love to help you achieve your dreams, too!

Varied and unique levels of related experience before starting their business with Healthy You Vending:


Less than 5% had any vending experience


Only 10% had owned a franchise previously


50% had owned one or more businesses previously


For the other 50%, this was their first business

Varied and unique reasons for starting their business with Healthy You Vending.

The top five include:

  • 1 Desire to invest in themselves and gain financial stability
  • 2 Concerns about employment stability
  • 3 Desire for more control over their time
  • 4 Retired, or planning to retire, and want to remain productive
  • 5 Want to work in a business with children and/or grandchildren

Varied occupations before starting their business with Healthy YOU Vending:

  • Small business owners—including daycare; construction; accounting
  • Medical and related—including doctor; nurse; EMT, management/admin; technician
  • Sports and athletics—including kickboxing; golf
  • Education—including professors; public school teachers; administrators
  • Franchise owners—including restaurants; elder care; cleaning; gyms; service
  • Military (retired)
  • Realtors
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