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Changing Your Product Selection for Summer

Changing Your Product Selection for Summer

With summer in full swing, have you noticed a change in your customers purchasing habits? Successful HealthyYOU Vending operators recognize that in order to sustain and maximize healthy vending sales, they may need to change up their product mix and vending machine snacks according to consumer preference and the demands of the season.

Hot weather has a real effect on appetite. Some scientists say it’s because our metabolism slows down when it’s hot. Others point to increased dehydration. Either way, it makes sense that sales of soups, hot entrees, spicy foods, and high protein snacks dip in summer, in favor of lighter snacks, fruity flavors, and cold beverages.

People are generally more prone to healthier eating in summer. That’s a good thing, considering our bodies can burn up to 10% fewer calories in summer. We also tend to feel thirstier. Huffington Post reports that the average person loses 10 cups of water per day in summer, and that’s without exercising.

Vending machine operators often see cold beverage sales soar in June, July and August. Water, flavored water, coconut water, and energy drinks can even outpace the sale of healthy vending machine snacks when it’s hot outside.

When Andre Barrett noticed his healthy vending machine sales slowing down one summer, he was rightfully concerned. So the HealthyYOU Vending operator did what any smart business owner would do: he asked for advice. Andre called his HealthyYOU Vending lifetime coach, who immediately noted that his machines were located in Miami, Florida—and temperatures were soaring.

“They helped me see that I needed to stock my vending machines with more drinks,” Andre says. “People eat less in the summer heat but they need to stay hydrated.” Andre changed up his product selection, and sales were soon back on track.

Following health trends and consumer demands is important to the success of your vending business. So when warm weather rolls around, think like a customer: icy cold hydrating drinks; “summery” flavors such as fruity, tropical, and coconut; and even local specialties. These lighter snacks and drinks have great appeal to vending machine consumers in summer.

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