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September 11, 2018

Childhood obesity is a real and rising threat against children’s health in the U.S., affecting more than a third of American children. Each September, Childhood Obesity Awareness Month provides an important reminder to learn more about this serious health epidemic and discover what we can do to help.   Since Childhood Obesity Awareness Month was […]

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Amid continuing concerns about childhood obesity, which affects one-third of American children, access to healthy food at school is on the minds of just about everyone including parents, schools and the federal government. Many children consume half their daily meals during school hours, raising awareness that what children eat at school has a huge impact […]

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Meet HealthyYOU Vending Operators Andre and Brittany Barrett   Andre and Brittany live in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where fitness is a big part of their lives. They discovered healthy vending while researching business opportunities that would complement their healthy lifestyle. They started with five HealthyYOU Vending machines and quickly uncovered the limitless growth potential of owning […]

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At HealthyYOU Vending, our philosophy is a bit different than a traditional franchise.  Our business model is focused on helping YOU succeed in the healthy vending business. It’s your business so it should be your success. We’re here to help you make that happen. We reached out to several of our most successful operators to […]

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