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Welcome to the HealthyYOU Vending Blog

You’ve heard the adage about entrepreneurs: they work 80-hour weeks for themselves to avoid working 40-hour weeks for someone else. As business owners whose entire model is centered around helping people start their own healthy vending business, we’re obviously big fans of entrepreneurs. So, is owning a small business worth it? At Healthy YOU Vending, […]

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Just because a snack is packaged doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy. While vending machines are often stocked with processed, high-calorie junk food, the tide is turning toward the consumer trend of healthier eating on-the-go. These days, it’s easy to find healthier vending machine snack alternatives with options like nuts, dried fruits, whole grains and […]

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Can vending machines be healthy? You bet. The key lies in a compromise between the type of products with which they are stocked, and the products consumers prefer. When healthy snacks are offered in easily accessible vending machines, it minimizes availability to calorie-laden junk food. Healthy vending machine snacks are especially essential when access to […]

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