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Why the Better Business Bureau is Critical

Better Business Bureau

The sale of vending machine businesses is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state consumer protection regulators. These watchdog groups are currently doing a “sweep” of the industry, which is good for consumers as companies in compliance and out of compliance are identified. Healthy YOU Vending has had no issues with compliance, but others have been sanctioned – even quite recently – for violating consumer protection laws and have even been forced to offer refunds, in some cases, to anyone purchasing their vending equipment, going back nearly a decade.

Why does this matter to you, a vending business investor?

If a company finds itself embroiled in government actions, with ongoing investigations, fines to be paid and money to be refunded, it could impact their ability to provide future services to you.

What Steps Can I Take?

If you are considering our industry it would be wise to:

1 Look into the Better Business Bureau report for all those companies you are entertaining

If a company has been found operating contrary to the law, they will have received Cease and Desist orders from the FTC or individual states—and these notices will be listed at the top of their report as Government Actions.

2 Read the actual order from a given state

To do this you must click “Read More” and “Click Here for Details” options.

3 Consider only those that are not violating the law

As you narrow your list of vending business providers, it makes good business sense to consider only those that are not violating the law.

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