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The advantages of healthy vending during any economic climate

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The perfect business opportunity—at the perfect time!

The Business Opportunity

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As the adage goes, “When times get tough, the tough get going.” As financial markets struggle in the current economic climate, many in our great nation are already planning ahead and searching for more stable opportunities to generate income. One industry is perfectly positioned for the entrepreneurial at heart—vending! Particularly, healthy vending.

The Perfect Time

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While uncertainties abound for businesses and consumers, due COVID-19 (Coronavirus), people are minimizing visits to public places for meals and tend to trust pre-packaged foods over prepared foods. Healthy YOU Vending makes good snack, drink and food choices immediately accessible to workers, without leaving their workplace.

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Act Now and receive FREE equipment on every machine order.
These are a few of the many timely benefits to acting now:
Financial stability and independence
Regardless of stock marketing fluctuations, people need to eat. And healthy vending makes delicious, affordable snack, drink and entrée options more accessible to hungry, time-constrained employees. As a Healthy YOU Vending business operator, you can improve you personal financial well-being and independence.
Quick start-to-end process with comparable ease of entry
Healthy vending is the perfect business for today’s busy lifestyle. Whether a supplemental side-hustle, or primary source of income, Healthy You Vending operators enjoy a flexible business with low overhead that helps to improve their quality of life.
Full remote training with lifetime coaching and support
Two days of remote training where you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to launch your healthy vending business and succeed. Get no-nonsense, practical experience with your machines, products, locations, software, business operations, marketing and much more.
90% Remote management—less person-to-person contact required
Streamline the operation of your healthy vending business with our proprietary, cloud-based eManageTM software, created specifically for Healthy YOU Vending Operators. Monitor and manage sales, profit margins, inventory and more with viewable dashboard information—all from your PC or laptop. Receive text or emails when a particular selection is running low, or if there is a problem with the equipment. Know exactly what you need for each machine on your route, before you leave to fill them.
Snacks, drinks and entrées are flying out of our operator’s machines
Some of our operators are reporting record sales from their vending machines, especially those with our SmartMart Vendor, which allows for entrées and additional non-food items. Due to the concerns over the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), making healthy options accessible to the workplace is proving to be a timely offering for many. Our SmartMart Vendor converts seamlessly into “Wellness Centers” providing convenient access to over-the-counter medications, travel-sized hand sanitizer, pre-packaged wipes, protective masks and more.
Franchise-level benefits and support without the fee or royalties
Healthy YOU Vending does not control any part of your business, box you into a small territory, or burden you with franchise, royalty or recurring fees. Yet we still provide the support of a traditional, top 10 franchise, while at the same time allowing our vending operators to be true entrepreneurs. While we are not a franchise, our model is considered one of the “top franchise opportunities” in the nation. And beyond that, we are also well-known as a top business opportunity, overall.
A lasting, ongoing return-on-investment
Our vending operators provide more accessible snacks, drinks and entrées to today’s more health-conscious consumers and reap the rewards of a “healthy” business—whether a side-hustle or as their primary source of income. Before the current COVID-19 pandemic, there was already a clear transition from traditional to healthy vending underway. We had 746 businesses seeking healthy vending options with no operator available to fulfill those demands. Now, as the coronavirus health-scare dissipates, the focus on employee wellness will only accelerate. And with a rebounding economy, trained and prepared healthy vending machine owners will be in the perfect position for exciting business success.

I would like to receive more information about this opportunity.

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