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6 Ways Being Healthy Leads to Success

6 Ways Being Healthy Leads to Success

The American Heart Association recently kicked off a month-long celebration to help Americans take the first step to a healthier lifestyle with National Walking Day. It got us thinking, not just about walking our way to health but walking our way to success. Is there a link between a healthy lifestyle and success?

We all know that exercise and healthy eating bring enormous benefits to our lives:

  1. Increased energy and productivity
  2. Improved stamina
  3. Clearer thinking
  4. Elevated mood
  5. Reduced stress
  6. Better overall health

And as successful entrepreneurs, we can definitely use the extra energy brought about by exercise to stay motivated and successful. reports that exercise is a “millionaire health habit.” Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Cuban—you can’t argue that these folks have known their share of success. Whether it’s walking, rock climbing, tennis, cardio, weight lifting, or yoga, all of these highly successful entrepreneurs say exercise helps keep them motivated and energized.

What would you do with four extra hours each day?

Renowned entrepreneur Richard Branson credits exercise to increased productivity. He’s been quoted as saying that working out has added at least four additional productive hours to every one of his days. That’s a lot! Branson starts his workouts early each morning to help keep his energy levels up throughout the day, and to make sure his busy day doesn’t get in the way of his health.

Sustainable energy.

Successful entrepreneurs have a way of recognizing opportunity and maximizing each day—getting up earlier, staying up later, pushing their limits. It takes stamina to squeeze success out of every moment, and the right “fuel” to make the most of your potential energy. Skipping meals or eating junk deprives the brain of glucose, which provides our brains and bodies with the energy we need. Eating the right combination of healthy meals, snacks and drinks provides a steady release of glucose that helps us function optimally. Exercise also improves brain function, and studies show that even walking as little as ten minutes a day can improve your health baseline.

Exercise may not be the sole secret to success—but it sure does look like living a healthy, active lifestyle can bring us closer to it by improving energy levels, focus, and mental clarity. What are you doing to walk your way to success?

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