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6 Tips for Choosing A Profitable Healthy Vending Machine Location

6 Tips for Choosing A Profitable Healthy Vending Machine Location

Location can have a big impact on your success. That’s why it’s important to secure the best possible sites for your HealthyYOU Vending machines. Prime locations are those with daily foot traffic of at least 100 or more potential customers. These locations should also offer a customer base that is looking for both convenience and healthier options.

1. Healthy Vending Opens Doors

HealthyYOU Vending opens up possibilities that aren’t available to traditional vending machine owners. Healthy vending machines can be placed in schools, gyms, recreation centers, hospitals, military bases, government offices and other locations where junk food is frowned upon.

2. Be Proactive

Bring samples to potential locations and strike up conversations with business owners and customers. You may be surprised where you can place a healthy vending machine when you think outside the box. And even though you’re not sitting around waiting for a lucky placement, think about the people who are sitting around: consider waiting areas of hair salons, spas, car dealerships, auto repair shops, the DMV, train stations and airports.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of the Competition

Don’t rule out a location just because there’s already a traditional vending machine on site. Junk food doesn’t appeal to everyone! By placing your well-stocked, attractive, HealthyYOU Vending machine next to a competitor’s machine, you can often run away with a victory.

4. Negotiate Better Placement

Once you’ve found the perfect location for your healthy vending machine, consider placement within the location. Try to negotiate a prominent spot where your healthy vending machine will get noticed, like the entryway, in a waiting room, or near the check in/out counters. High visibility is as important as high traffic.

5. Change Locations

Have a location that’s not performing quite like you hoped it would? Don’t let that hold you back. As the owner-operator, you have a right to place your healthy vending machines in the most profitable locations. HealthyYOU Vending operator Pete Ambrosino has seen great success by moving his weakest performing machine to Crayola as part of a three-machine placement deal. Alli Gardner also saw an increase in profits by moving her machines from one high-traffic location to another that had a greater focus on health and wellness.

6. Use Location Procurement

You know the best locations for your business goals, but sometimes you need a little help finding the perfect location or closing the deal. Our Prime Healthy Locations team can help identify qualified placement opportunities for new HealthyYOU Vending operators in the geographic areas you want to target. More than 90% of the locations we have secured do not require any commission, which is great news for your bottom line!

Contact us for more tips and ideas on securing qualified locations and get your HealthyYOU Vending machines in front of customers today!

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