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5 Ways To Eat Healthy When You Have a Busy Job

5 Ways To Eat Healthy When You Have a Busy Job

It’s easy to consume junk food when you have a busy job that doesn’t allow time for regular meal breaks throughout the day. Stay on track with these five tips for healthy eating during your busy workday.

1. Don’t skip breakfast

Start the day strong with a hearty, healthy breakfast. It makes sense to do this before you even leave the house so you’re not hungry by the time you get to work. Hard-boiled eggs, protein pancakes and egg white wraps are easy, grab-and-go options for busy employees. But if you’re headed to work before your stomach even has time to wake up, look to your office Healthy YOU Vending machines for single-serve oatmeal packets so you can have a hot, hearty breakfast right from your desk. Amp it up with a handful of dried fruit, applesauce, nuts and seeds. In a real rush? Swipe your card or tap-and-pay for a healthier protein bar you can munch on the way to your next meeting. No one wants to be hangry at the Monday morning team meeting!

2. Make a conscious decision to make healthy eating choices

The best way to avoid overindulging on junk food during a busy workday is knowing from where your next healthy snack or meal is coming—and many times that can mean the office healthy vending machine. Seek out healthy snacks that will also satisfy cravings and provide sustainable energy throughout the day. Nothing is worse than heading into the afternoon slump bogged down by junk food. Healthy vending machine snacks are a viable solution to healthy eating choices when you have a busy job.

3. Embrace portion control

Single-serve snacks are just the right size to satisfy cravings. Choosing the right foods in the right amount can decrease overindulgence on unhealthy snacks. Reduce temptation while satisfying your cravings with portion-controlled, healthier snack options like multigrain corn chips, dark chocolate-covered almonds and organic fruit leathers—all available in Healthy YOU Vending machines.

4. Avoid over-snacking

It seems obvious that eating too much won’t leave you feeling your best. Avoid loading up on bags of chips, cookies and candy—even in their healthier versions, too much of a good thing may leave you craving more. At least once during your busiest workdays, try to find time to take a short break and enjoy a full meal from the Healthy YOU Vending SmartMart side vendor. Choosing protein can help you feel fuller for a longer period of time than a sugary snack that gives you a quick pick-up followed by a crash. Organic jerky, nuts, tuna kits and protein bars can also go a long way toward fueling you toward that late-night deadline.

5. Skip sugary drinks

Staying hydrated throughout the day is important, and drinking water is always a smart choice. It can make you feel refreshed and clear-headed and even help stave off some hunger pangs. Coconut water, natural sparkling beverages and pure fruit juices are great substitutes for sodas and other sugary beverages when you’re craving something a little more flavorful.

Surviving the busy workday

Maintaining healthy eating habits when you have a busy job can be a challenge but it’s not impossible. Smart snacking choices can keep your mood and energy levels in check. Learn more about bringing Healthy YOU Vending to your workplace.

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