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Better Than a Franchise February 19, 2023
5 Reasons to Choose Healthy YOU Vending Over A Traditional Franchise

5 Reasons to Choose Healthy YOU Vending Over A Traditional Franchise

The vending industry is thriving and there’s never been a better time to consider Healthy YOU Vending. True, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to deciding between a franchise or another type of business model. Choosing the correct business model for you is vital to meeting your business goals while also getting the support that you need.

Healthy YOU Vending is dedicated to helping you thrive as a vending machine business owner. So let’s talk about some essential points when it comes to choosing a healthy vending machine franchise.

First, what is a franchise?

A franchise is a business model in which a franchisor licenses the use of its brand and operating system to franchisees who operate vending machines. Vending machine franchises provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to start their own business with a proven business model and established brand.

Franchises can help reduce some of the inherent risks of starting a business from scratch or buying an existing business. A franchise allows entrepreneurs to go into business for themselves—even in industries where they may have little or no experience. This is the main reason franchises are popular among business opportunity seekers. But the drawbacks to a traditional franchise, include the loss of decision-making freedom, strict business methodologies, steep initial and recurring costs, high overhead and often long hours.

Are vending machines a franchise?

Vending machines can be, and often are, used in a franchise business model. Many vending business owners choose to pay the franchise fees of vending franchises and follow their guidelines for the benefits that franchises tend to offer.

Healthy YOU Vending offers all of the branding, prestige and support of a franchise but our business model is different. Once you make your initial investment, you own your business. We provide the equipment, location assistance, training, product and inventory guidance and lifetime coaching and support you need, yet there are NO ONGOING ROYALTIES OR FEES. Your healthy vending business is yours.

How to get a vending machine franchise

First things first: do your research. Decide the type of vending business that you want to start and then search for the franchise or business model that supports your vending business goals. Compare costs, location placement and support services before reaching out to your top choices for additional information. Base your decision on how well their business model, potential for profit and reputation align with your goals and values.

Healthy vending

While making decisions on your vending company of choice, it is important to consider the type of vending business you wish to start. You can choose to vend traditional products like soda, chips, candy bars and other junk food, or choose the type of vending that is gaining rapid popularity: healthy vending.

Healthy vending offers customers healthy food and beverage options in place of traditional vending snacks. These vending machines offer snack and beverage options that are delicious and packed with nutrients, allowing consumers to make healthier choices. Many of these foods reduce the risks of diet-based illnesses while promoting healthier eating habits.

What is Healthy YOU Vending?

Healthy YOU Vending is dedicated to promoting healthy eating choices through the healthy food, snack and beverage options offered in our vending machines. We help YOU throughout the process of starting your own healthy vending machine business by providing everything you will need, from top to bottom. Ongoing support and training allow for our business owners to create their ideal business while also achieving the shared goal of helping people eat healthy.

So now we pose the question: Why choose Healthy YOU Vending?

Well, at Healthy YOU Vending, our business model is focused on helping YOU succeed in the healthy vending business. It’s your business so it should be your success. We’re here to help you make that happen. We want to help you thrive and offer a wide variety of support options to make it possible.

Did we mention that we were named by Franchise Help as a Top 5 Business Opportunity in the nation for 2021?

We could tell you why Healthy YOU Vending is better than a franchise. Instead, we reached out to several of our most successful operators to share why they chose Healthy YOU Vending over a traditional franchise.

Why Healthy YOU?

1. No Franchise Fees

With any franchise, you are paying for a lot of services that you may or may not need. One thing Healthy YOU Vending owner/operator Donna W. questioned, when researching franchises, was the purpose of paying these royalty fees and having rules about what can be placed in your own vending machine. Freedom from fees and restrictions, as well as the initial investment, also attracted Mark G. from Highland Ranch, CO to Healthy YOU Vending. “You can get into it for a very reasonable price and build [your business] as quickly or as slowly as you want.”

2. Be Your Own Boss

Donna didn’t want the structure that came with owning a traditional franchise. She prefers the freedom that comes with being her own boss. Operator Jason W. from Goleta, CA agrees. “Anyone who is dead set on a franchise would really benefit from a Healthy YOU program,” he says. “It has a lot of the same attributes and advantages of a franchise but it’s not as pigeonholed.” His wife and business partner, Jamie, likes the choice and versatility that comes with owning a Healthy YOU Vending business. “We can put whatever we want in it,” she says. “We can place it wherever we want. We’re not dictated to a certain territory or hitting certain goals.”

3. Business Coaching and Support

Mark G. did his due diligence and looked into a number of competitors before deciding to become a Healthy YOU Vending operator. He says, “With Healthy YOU Vending, they’ll give you the Cadillac of vending machines and support.” Husband and wife business owners, Brian and Andrea of Denver agreed, saying “to be able to call and ask questions… feels like you have your own sales team, almost.” And thanks to Healthy YOU’s Lifetime Coaching Benefit, they can call anytime and get the answers they need.

4. Freedom To Grow Your Business

Early on, Betsy G. from Clarksville, TN knew that she didn’t want the regulations and confinements that come with owning a franchise. “Healthy YOU has a different approach,” she says. “They let you grow as big as you want to grow.” Jamie W. agrees: “We have control over what goals we want to set, whether it’s staying at the five machines we bought or growing to 100. It’s up to us.” Then, you’ll want to see how, just a few years after starting their healthy vending business, Hudson and Betsy grew a thriving business with over 100 healthy vending machines.

5. Cutting Edge Software

But vending machines are old school, right? Not these machines. Business owner Andre readily uses the cloud-based tracking and monitoring. “I love that I can put the application on my phone,” he says, “the fact that I can pull a report and see what is sold. It’s helped me grow my business because of my response time.” Darren K. appreciates the daily reports, “[the machines] really do it all for you. They tell you everyday what’s missing from the machines. You get reports about your financials, every single day. It’s a pretty easy business to run.”

There are a lot of options to consider when it comes to choosing a business that will support not only your goals, but you, the owner/operator, as well. Here at Healthy YOU Vending, we want to help YOU. Click here to learn more about starting your healthy vending journey.

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