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5 Reasons HealthyYOU Vending is Better Than A Franchise

5 Reasons HealthyYOU Vending is Better Than A Franchise

You’ve finally decided to start your own business and are looking for franchises opportunities. Good for you! If you’re still researching your options, here are six reasons why HealthyYOU Vending is a better fit for your business goals than a standard franchise.

1. You keep the money.
Some vending companies sell a franchise model and charge you astronomical fees: both upfront and ongoing. Yikes! HealthyYOU Vending will never burden you with franchises for sale, royalty or recurring fees. After all, this is YOUR business, and you should keep the money. HealthyYOU Vending is also the only healthy vending company with a location acquisition team skilled enough to place your equipment in prime locations AND save you from having to pay out a commission to the locations almost every time. Over 90% of the locations we secure for our distributors DO NOT require any commissions!

 2. No geographic restrictions.
Exclusive territory is an illusion marketed by franchises. They limit your expansion as a business and restrict your opportunity to grow. At HealthyYOU Vending, we believe you should be able to expand your vending machine business at the rate YOU determine, in any location you choose, without consequences. We’ll help you place your machines, but we’ll never limit your locations, or tell you when and how many to place.

3. You’re free to purchase your products anywhere.
Unlike some vending franchises, HealthyYOU Vending lets you buy your snacks, drinks and meals anywhere. We don’t mark up products and force you to buy them from us or make you buy from an approved franchise product list. We’ll introduce you to the largest and most efficient nutritional distribution centers in the nation so you can buy direct, or you can choose to purchase healthy vending products from your local warehouse store. It’s your choice! This is just another way HealthyYOU Vending helps you achieve a healthy bottom line.

4. Enjoy higher earning potential with HealthyYOU Vending’s exclusive entrée/side dish vendor.
HealthyYOU Vending is virtually the only healthy vending company to offer an optional entrée/side dish vendor. This exclusive addition to your vending machines allows you to be rewarded with higher dollar vends, while providing convenient meal options that other healthy vending companies can’t — adding a whole new dimension to your vending business.

5. Work with a company you can count on.
You may be new to healthy vending but we’re not. With 16 years in business, over 5,000 distributors/operators nationwide and nearly 100,000 machines sold, we know what it takes to help you be successful in the vending industry — and we’re here for you every step of the way with complete training, ongoing support, lifetime coaching and the strongest guarantees in the industry. We know that you’re eager to get your business off the ground, and we’ll help you shorten the learning curve as much as possible. From our two-day intensive Healthy YOUniversity training program (where everyone walks away feeling empowered to succeed!) through Lifetime Coaching, HealthyYOU Vending distributors receive franchise-style support without the franchise restrictions.

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