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3 Locations For Your HealthyYOU Vending Machines

3 Locations For Your HealthyYOU Vending Machines

We’ve said it before: location matters when it comes to the success of your healthy vending machines. Obviously high traffic areas are important, but bringing the RIGHT people to your healthy vending machines is even more important. You’re likely not going to place your healthy vending machine at a fast food joint or in the food court at your local mall. These businesses don’t want competition, and you likely won’t find the customer you’re looking for there. So where should you consider placing your healthy vending machines? Here are three good options to consider.

Airports and hotels

Jet lag can take its toll on even the most experienced travelers—and these days, traveling requires a lot of stamina. Flight delays can leave airline travelers hungering for healthy options that won’t break the bank. And once they do finally arrive at their destination, it might be too late (or too remote of a location) to find anything other than fast food options. Airports and hotel/motel lobbies offer high foot traffic and customers that need to stay hydrated and energized with healthier options than traditional vending machine junk food. Don’t forget the added benefit of repeat business from hotel guests. (Think outside the box: Your healthy vending machine can also include sundries in the optional side vendor that guests may have forgotten.)

Car dealerships and auto repair shops

Car repairs (and new car deals) can take a good amount of time—and nobody wants a “hangry” customer. Let’s face it: it’s in everyone’s best interests to have a well-nourished, clear-headed mechanic working on your car, and that won’t happen if they’re skipping meals to get the work done. With mechanics often stuck on site in order to finish a big job, and customers who can’t go anywhere without wheels, car dealerships and auto repair shops offer even more bang for your buck when it comes to having a captive audience. Keeping customers and employees nourished is a great benefit of having HealthyYOU Vending on site.

Hospitals/medical clinics

Healthy vending is a great choice for hospitals and medical clinics. In addition to a high volume of foot traffic, part of that traffic volume is an educated medical staff that recognizes the benefits of healthier food choices. Healthy vending complements the health and wellness initiatives found in many medical offices, and provides healthier snacks, drinks and meals to employees, patients, and family members who can spend long hours working or waiting.

Another thing to consider is the best location for your healthy vending machine within the location. Stuck in the back corner with all the other vending machines isn’t going to get your healthy vending machine noticed. But if you can sell the owner on the benefits of having a healthy vending machine on site, you just may be able to sell them on better placement, too. Try to negotiate a space where it will get noticed—near the front door, in a waiting area, at the front counter. You’re selling a healthy lifestyle, but you’re also depending on impulse purchases to sell your product, so you want your HealthyYOU Vending machine to get noticed.

Interested in making healthier snacks, drinks and meals accessible to your employees and customers? Learn how you can become a location, and bring a healthy vending machine to your place of business.

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