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10 Healthy Snack Options for the Holidays

10 Healthy Snack Options for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for overindulgence. Treats show up everywhere you look—at the office from coworkers and clients, neighbor gifts on the front porch and of course, at holiday parties. Neighborly bakers, appreciative clients and happy customers can all contribute to your bulging waistline this time of year.

The best recourse, obviously, is self-control but it’s tough to resist temptation when those holiday treats are beckoning from the break room. That’s why it’s important to find balance with fruits and veggies, nuts, dark chocolate and other healthy snack options. Enjoy the flavors of the season without all the extra calories, sugar and fat—and then it won’t be quite so bad when you indulge “just this once” in your coworker’s famous Christmas fudge!

  1. Charcuterie boards. Make a gorgeous arrangement that’s so healthy your guests won’t even think twice. Choose healthy snack options like hummus with pita, an assortment of cheese (including some plant-based), Nut Thins crackers, mini dill pickles and as many types of veggies as you can pile on the platter.
  1. Fruit platters. Mix classic favorites and exotic fruits for a festive and healthy snack option.
  1. Strawberry Santa hats and Grinch kabobs. Make eating fruit fun and festive with these adorable, fresh treats. Strawberries, grapes and just a hint of whipped cream and chocolate are delightful when the weather outside is frightful.
  1. String cheese snowmen. So simple to make—and kids love them—for a sustainable boost of protein that’s perfectly portable.
  1. Assorted nuts. One of the easiest healthy vending machine snacks to find around the holidays (and all year long). Packed with protein, healthy fats and other essential vitamins and minerals, nuts are a great way to feel satisfied so you don’t overdo it at the office holiday party. 
  1. White chocolate popcorn. Fun to make and take to a party. Craving holiday flavors at work? Grab a bag of Boom Chicka Pop Holidrizzle White Chocolate Peppermint Kettle Corn or Skinny Pop White Chocolate Peppermint Kettle Corn in your local Healthy YOU Vending machine.
  1. Dark chocolate peppermint bark. Another delicious, healthier snack option for the holidays—and one that you can DIY or find in a healthy vending machine. Dark chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants and minerals, and it generally contains less sugar than milk chocolate.
  1. Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Gingerbread Cookie. Molasses, brown sugar and ginger create the perfect nostalgic combination of holiday flavors in a soft-baked, vegan cookie enhanced with plant-based protein. Yum!
  1. Candy canes. This holiday treat just got snackable with YumEarth Organic Mini Candy Canes. Cleaner ingredients like organic sugar and peppermint satisfy the tastes of the season.
  1. Boom Chicka Pop. To the holiday rescue once again with Boom Chicka Pop’s Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Flavored Kettle Corn that satiates your tastebuds without expanding your waistline.

While it may seem impossible to completely resist temptation during the holidays, we can all make healthy choices that help us stay in control of what we eat. It’s okay to indulge in moderation as long as you make healthier snack choices and take time to exercise to accommodate for the extra calories. Have a Healthy YOU Vending machine at work? Ask your operator to fill it with healthy treats that embrace the flavors of the season—and you just may be able to resist those breakroom brownies!

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