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10 Good Side Jobs for Working Moms and Dads

10 Good Side Jobs for Working Moms and Dads

Let’s face it––kids are expensive. If you’re looking for a side hustle to earn some extra cash, you’re in luck. These days, there’s no shortage of flexible gigs to choose from, allowing you to earn money on your schedule. And if there’s one thing we need as parents, it’s a flexible way to earn a source of income. Here are 10 good side jobs for working moms and dads.

1. Virtual Assistant

With so many people working from home or starting their own business, there are plenty of opportunities to become a virtual assistant. Depending on your interests and skill set, you could provide bookkeeping, organizational skills, marketing support, customer service, appointment scheduling, training, social media management and more. Pick your niche and find your ideal clients––they’re out there and they need your side hustle to make theirs a success!

2. Pet Sitter

Turn your love for animals into a side hustle from home. Pet adoption soared during the pandemic––in fact, the ASPCA says 23 million American households acquired a new pet. With employees headed back to work and travel opening back up, pet sitters and dog walkers are in high demand. It’s the perfect, flexible gig for moms and dads.

Vending Machine Business

3. Healthy Vending Machine Owner

With health at the forefront of everyone’s mind, starting a healthy vending machine business can go beyond a passive side hustle to become a profitable investment. As with any business, your success is tied to your efforts, but the return to office and drive to eat healthier is an indicator of potential success. Another key to success is choosing a business model that suits your goals. If you want to truly be your own boss, skip the franchise and go straight for ownership. Healthy YOU Vending offers franchise-level support without the royalties and ongoing fees, making it a great side hustle for working parents.


4. YouTube Channel

What’s your secret skill? Do you like teaching fitness classes? Home Improvement? Organization? Traveling with kids? Turn your passion into a side hustle on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram. This side hustle requires a willingness to create and edit videos and learn how to market them, but there’s potential for creators to find success. Adding a blog and affiliate marketing is a great option for making this side hustle job a lucrative one.

5. Tutor

Are you a subject matter expert, homeschool parent or just really good at teaching children the basics? Maybe you’re a teacher-turned stay-at-home parent (SAHP) due to the pandemic. The market has never been hotter for school-aged tutoring, and this is definitely a side hustle from home that you can work around your availability. Find opportunities through word of mouth, the local PTA, homeschool groups or even teaching English to students in China through VIPkid. Resonate better with adults? Consider college tutoring or business coaching as a side hustle.

6. Child Care

Babysitting has always been a good side job for earning extra cash. This is ideal for stay-at-home moms with littles in need of playmates or simply to help out another parent in a pinch. With so many dual-income couples working from home and looking to get out of the house, date night childcare is another great option if your days are already jam-packed.

7. Photography


Photo by: Andre Furtado Pexels

Everyone loves capturing their memories on camera––and this past year, many realized just how important those moments truly are. If you had time to dabble with your camera during quarantine or you’re a seasoned photographer eager to get behind the lens, help families go beyond iPhones and Androids to capture those fleeting moments like a pro.

8. Etsy Shop Sales

Do you have a craft or hobby you enjoy? Turn that into an Etsy shop as a creative outlet––and a source of income––for your side hustle. Make sure the quality of your photographs and descriptions matches the uniqueness of your handmade items to attract more customers.

9. Personal Shopper/Delivery

In all likelihood, you’re already out running errands like grocery shopping for your own family or picking up dinner on the nights you don’t want to cook. Turn those side trips into a profitable side hustle by picking up items for others while you’re already out and about. Sign-up on sites like Instacart or DoorDash.

10. Direct Sales

From essential oils to clothing––and everything in between––there’s a direct sales business. Do a little research before choosing this option, to make sure the market isn’t oversaturated with a particular brand or product in your area. These types of businesses do often require a little more hustle than the average side job, but the flexibility that comes with it may be worth it for a working mom.

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